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It provides us with compact design and multiple packages of the same IC. Here we will discuss 74LS IT comes up with 4 internal NOR gate. IC comes up in multiple packages with 14 pins and 2 inputs 4-NOR gates. NOR gate is designed with advanced technology based on silicon.

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The chip is available in different packages and is chosen depending on requirement. The description for each pin is given below. The chipis basically used when NOR logic function is required.

The chip has four NOR gates in it. We can use one or all gates. When you want logic inverter. Where high speed NOR operation is necessary. With them the switching delays of gates are minimized. Because of this the chip can be used high speed applications. The four NOR gates in the chip mentioned earlier are connected internally as shown below. For realizing the above truth table let us take simplified NOR gate and have it connected as shown below.

In the circuit two transistors are connected to form a NOR gate. The two inputs are driven out from bases of two transistors. These two inputs are connected to buttons. Output of the gate is taken out from joint collector of both transistors. This output is connected to a LED trough a current limiting resistor. This LED is connected to detect the state of output. The buttons are connected to change the logic of inputs. When both buttons are not pressed. In that state the current flow through base of both transistors will be zero.

When one of buttons is pressed. With that the total drop across both transistors will be zero. Because transistor drop is zero Y1 will be LOW. When both buttons are pressed.

Both transistors will be ON and voltage across both of them will be zero. After verifying the three states, you can tell that we have satisfied the above truth table.

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The chip also provides TTL outputs which are a must in some systems. Now let us consider a few states: 1. Like this we can use each gate of the chip depending on requirement. Component Datasheet. Tags Logic Gates. Get Our Weekly Newsletter! VCC-Connected to positive voltage to provide power to all four gates.

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74LS02 Quadruple 2-Input NOR Gate IC








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