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Learn more about Scribd Membership Home. Much more than documents. Discover everything Scribd has to offer, including books and audiobooks from major publishers. Start Free Trial Cancel anytime. Active Dreaming by Robert Balthazaar. Uploaded by prasch. Document Information click to expand document information Date uploaded Mar 15, Did you find this document useful?

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No-one could stop you. Even better, no matter what you did, when you had finished, you could return everything to exactly the way ithad been before you started.

The exact details are up to you. Maybe you want to visit the mysterious forests deep in the mountains of China, talk to King Henry VIN, play a rock concert to hundreds of thousands of adoring fans, or rescue a beautiful princess from a terrifying dragon. What would you say if I told you that you could? The chances are, you'd tell me to dream on.

You'd be exactly right. Scientists have proved that everyone dreams, every single night of their lives. On average, people spend one third of their life asleep — about 25 years.

Some people have difficulty remembering their dreams. So easy, in fact, that it can be mastered quickly by anyone. It is great fun remembering your dreams, but this is passive — you are carried along by events. There is another form of dreaming, however, where you wake up inside the dream, and you can do whatever you want. Because it is your dream, you can say exactly what happens, if you want to.

Everything seems at least as real as everyday life, too. The potentials for experience are totally unlimited. No doubt this sounds good to you. If you suffer from bad nightmares, this book will change your life completely. Active Dreaming is the most powerful occult secret that mankind has ever, found. With the techniques that I will show you in this book, you will be able to make people fall in love with you, talk to friends hundreds or thousands of miles away, attract money to yourself, spy invisibly on anything happening anywhere, heal yourself or loved ones of disease, learn new skills in seemingly no time at all, and even make yourself younger and more attractive.

In fact, you can use the limitless power of Active Dreaming toachieve almostanything that you want to. You may be wondering how something so incredible has not been known about for centuries.

The simple answer is that it has. The Ancients knew the power of Active Dreaming, and used it all the time. Special people, called Shamans, would be picked at childhood and trained in the skills of Active Dreaming, to work for the good of the society.

Other people were not usually told how to become Active Dreamers, so that the Shamans would be powerful, but there were some socicties where everyone was an Active Dreamer! Because the knowledge was usually kept by a restricted number of people, it faded into myth when the early Europeans changed the nature of societies all across the globe, but it has always been there, waiting for dedicated seekers to find out the old techniques.

It is another very big occult secret, but I have taken no vows of silence, and so I am frec to tell you. The human body also has a non-physical part to it, called the Astral body.

This Astral body is what religious people have called the Soul, and it can survive without the physical body. All of our personalities and thoughts come from this Astral body, and the physical body is really just there to give us a vehicle to walk about in.

When we dream, our Astral body leaves the physical body, and usually wanders around the Astral realm. As a result, our imagination adds things to what we are seeing, which is already far outside normal physical existence, and so our dreams seem silly, strange or scary. With Active Dreaming, we take much more notice of where we are, and so everything is much clearer. Unlike physical matter, Astral matter is only very loosely fixed into its shape. It can be changed casily, and the force that changes it is thought.

That is why dreams are so variable — because your mind is creating the dream, out of the material of the Astral realm. This means that many large companies exist as ideas on the Astral plane, along with fictional characters from films, books and plays, nations, and so on.

Because the Astral realm is so fluid, itis very simple to slightly change something's Astral body. You will remember that in people, the Astral body contains the personality, so it should be no surprise that if you change the Astral body, you change the thing in the physical world, as well.

This means that you can change yourself or others, or influence groups or events, just by alittle bit of work in the Astral realm. The possibilities should be obvious to you. Later in the book, I'll tell you how to make these changes, and also to do many other incredible things.

Firstly, however, I'll teach you how to become an Active Dreamer. Summary 2 Active Dreaming allows you to fulfil all your fantasies in complete safety. Some people can do this already; for most of us, however, there is a certain amount of discipline required.

The actual method of remembering your dreams is so simple that it may sound like I'm teasing you, but I am absolutely serious. The fact is that nearly everyone can still remember one or two tiny fragments of dream when they first awake.

What you have to do is keep a pad of paper and a pen by the side of your bed, and as you wake up, grab it and write down anything you can remember. It doesn't have to be full sentences. All that actually matters is that you have taken your dream seriously enough to write it down. I'd better explain here. This subconscious mind is, the part that makes your heart beat in time, controls your body rhythms, analyses what you see, hear, smell, touch and taste, controls your memory, and so on.

In other words, it takes care of all your automatic functions. The subconscious mind is also the part that is most aware while you dream normally, and so most dreams get stored in the subconscious memory, along with every other sensation and memory that ever came your way.

This is a vital function that allows you to work properly in everyday lifes if the subconscious did not hold back irrelevant memories, each time you became aware of anything, you would recall every memory linked with it, and then all the memories linked with the recalled ones, and so on, and you would be totally unable to think or function, because you'd be flooded with irrelevant knowledge.

Unfortunately, the subconscious mind tends to presume that dreams are also irrelevant, because they belong to the astral realm, and we live on the physical one. This means that it tries its best to keep memory of your dreams buried, unless you can convince it that you actually want to know.

The actual effect of this is startling. Every morning that you wake up having written your dreams down the day before, you will remember more. A fortnight after writing down the five cryptic words I mentioned above, I realised that I had just written two sides full of A4 paper describing a long and amusing dream involving myself, Sinbad the Sailor, and deep caverns full of buried treasure! Some days you will remember your dreams more clearly than others. This is perfectly natural, and a result of biorhythm cycles interacting with lunar and planetary influences.

If you start at the thing you were dreaming just before you awoke, and then push backwards, you will find that it is not long before you can remember everything from when you went to sleep until you woke up. For purposes of Active Dreaming, this is the ideal, but as long as you have a pretty good idea of what happened while you were dreaming, then you can progress to being an Active Dreamer.

It is absolutely necessary to write your dreams down in a book where you can keep them permanently, together, and dated. You should do this even if you can already remember your dreams, because purely and simply, the more attention you pay to your dreams, the stronger they will become.

You should also keep the diary from others. You have to be able to write down exactly what you dream, and sometimes friends and family may not like that, so never let anyone read your Dream Diary. If anything that strikes you as odd happens during the day, also write that in there, because often dreams will tie in with strange happenings. If you meditate, or do any other psychic or occult work, also keep arecord of that in there too.

All this will help to encourage your subconscious to give you full access to your dream memories. It is also very encouraging to read back through your first dream notes after a couple of weeks, and realise how much better you have become. The Dream Diary is an essential tool of the Active Dreamer. Even if you wake up with your mind a complete blank every morning, there is still no need to despair. People dream in cycles, which vary from person to person, and if you always wake up in between dream periods, you might have some difficulty in remembering your dreams.

The easiest way to correct this problem is to change your sleep times. Go to bed slightly earlier or later, or set your alarm clock to an unusual time. If you wake up half an hour earlier than usual, you will have a much easier time remembering dreams, and you will have plenty of time to write them down before you have to get up.

In exceptional circumstances, you may find it necessary to set your alarm clock to a time like am, write some dreams down, and then go back to sleep. Time and again, scientists have found that people who are certain that they never dream will remember dreamsif they are madeto sleepin adisturbed manner.

It also helps if you are not very tired or drunk when you go to sleep; if you sleep lightly, you will remember your dreams much more easily.


Balthazaar, Robert - Active Dreaming

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Robert Balthazaar - Active Dreaming

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