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It establishes the aircrew training program for the C- aircraft. It applies to all commanders,. C- aircraft. Major commands. The use of the name or mark of any specific manufacturer,.

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It establishes the aircrew training program for the C- aircraft. It applies to all commanders,. C- aircraft. Major commands. The use of the name or mark of any specific manufacturer,. This instruction contains references to the following field subordinate level publications. The Privacy Act of affects this instruction. The authority. Incentive Act of ; DoDD Waiver Authority Figure 1. Sample Waiver Request. Table 1. Use of Flying Hours. In-Unit Training Time Limitations. Recurrency Training.

Requalification Training. Training Folder Management Evaluator and Instructor Usage. Instructor Training and Supervision Requirements Intracommand and Intercommand Transfer of Aircrews.

General Requirements. Initial Qualification Training Prerequisites. Ground Training Requirements for Aircrew Members. Flying Training Requirements for Aircrew Members. Multiple Qualifications. Senior Officer Qualification Requirements. Flight Surgeons. Failure to Progress. Time Periods for Mission Qualification. Ground Training Requirements. Table 3. Mission Qualification Ground Training Requirements. Flying Training Requirements Aircrew Status.

Table 4. Currency for Aircrew Members. Ground Continuation Training Events. Navigator Semiannual Continuation Flying Requirements. Proration of Training. Individual Availability. Failure to Complete Continuation Training Requirements. Requirements Before Removal from Active Flying. Requirements While in Inactive Flying Status.

Flight Surgeon Requirements. Training Period. Multiple Aircraft Qualification. First Pilot Aircraft Commander AC Aircrew Instructor Program. Flight Examiner Qualifications. Special Qualifications. Dedicated Training Time.

ATS Course Prerequisites. Table 6. Mission Qualification and Upgrade Training. Lesson Objectives Unsatisfactory Student Progress. Courseware Changes. Aircrew Training System Courses. Aircraft Flights for Contract Training Instructors Responsibility for Training. ATS Courseware Availability. This instruction prescribes basic policy and guidance for training United States Air Force. Training Objective. The overall objective of the aircrew training program is to develop and.

Syllabus waiver requests will be. A permanent record of all approved waivers will be. Copies of all waivers. If required for squadrons' designated mission, accomplish events waived at formal schools. See paragraph. The operations group commander will submit all other waiver requests. The reporting requirement in this paragraph is exempt from licensing in.

Waiver Format. Provide the information on the referenced individual in a waiver request as. Previous attendance at any formal instructor course include course identifier and graduation. Aircrew members whose status is "duty not including flying DNIF " may log ground training.

The flight surgeon who. Aircrew members performing extended alert duty more than 72 hours, or as specified by MAJ-. COM supplement may accomplish any type of ground training during normal duty hours that does. Each training mission must be structured to achieve optimum training. Any by-product airlift. Any use of flying training hours to.

It is essential that all personnel at all levels prevent. Training on Operational Missions. Unless specifically prohibited or restricted by weapon system. Commanders will ensure the training will not impact mission effectiveness and the crew.

If passengers are. AFI , Volume 1 outlines responsibilities for aircrew training. HQ AMC is responsible for training course requirements, training tasks, and quota control in coordination.

The CCRW reviews all training programs for currency,. On receiving. The syllabus will be designed to meet user requirements. All changes to the syllabus. Operations Groups. The OG will determine frequency, format and content of the meetings.

The TRP should review staff. The OG will establish procedures with the servicing military personnel flight for individual. Training conducted according to this instruction that is intended to result.


AFI11-2C-141V1 - C-141 Heaven

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