Life Insurance Blog is an independent broker that helps you save money — and time. We help shoppers like you buy affordable life insurance by comparing quotes from the top final expense life insurance companies in the nation. Start now and compare rates with free and instant burial insurance quotes. Our Americo final expense life insurance review will give you the lowdown on their burial insurance products. Our review will explain.

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Take a minute and fill out the quote form on this page. Afterwards, you will see a list of real prices from top rated burial insurance companies in your state. Determining which burial insurance is best for you is not as simple 1,2,3. It really depends on your overall health. We can quickly and faithfully identify which company would be best for you. Call us at , or include a good phone number when you fill out the quote form. We are here to help. Today we will be taking a look at another great final expense company.

Americo is one of the companies we selected when we did our review of top 12 best burial life insurance companies. In this Americo burial insurance review, we will take a fine tooth comb to their entire burial insurance program. More than likely, you want to know which burial insurance company is your best bet. Well, this review should give you a good indication about whether or not Americo is in the running. As with all our reviews, we put burial insurance plans under a microscope.

We go much further than our competitors. We break down, in detail, everything about the plan itself. In effect, we feel this is the information that helps you make an educated decision. We have taken the time to give you two review options. First, you can read our quick review. Basically, this is a general review along with our opinion of the company for each of their plans.

If you keep on reading, you will find our full Americo review. This is what you want if you are interested in learning about every single detail possible. We breakdown every policy option, the underwriting, where the plans are good and bad, and our overall opinion. Americo is a long standing very financially sound insurance company.

They have a very robust and diverse burial insurance program. In totaly, they have four different plans you can potentially quailfy for. Some are good and some are bad. Literally nobody should ever take this plan.

On the other hand, their Ultra Protector II plan is quite nice. It offers you the ability to secure a burial insurance plan with full first day coverage. This is quite nice and unique considering the various health conditions the UP2 plan accepts. Their Ultra Protector I plan is rather dull. Honestly, if you medically qualify for their UP1 plan, you can easily get cheaper coverage elsewhere.

Lastly, their Eagle Series plan is quite different than their Ultra Protector plans. These are some areas where the Eagle plan really shines. Americo can be a wonderful burial insurance option for you if you deal with some of the issues outlined in this review. If not, you should probably look at another company, for you will likely get a better price. What makes Americo such a strong player in the final expense business are their underwriting niches. They can serve certain people like no other company can.

Americo has a very solid company background. They have been in business over years, A. Best currently has them rated as A Excellent. Americo offers many different types of life insurance and annuity products. These stats bare truth to the fact that Americo is one of the largest privately held insurers in the nation. Without questions, Americo has one of the most respectable financial statements in the final expense business.

If you have your burial insurance through Americo, you can feel comfortable knowing the funds will be there for your family. This is true both today and down the line. Although Americo offers other products other than final expense insurance, we will not be including any of them in this article. This review will strictly cover their burial insurance offerings. They have many different plans you can qualify for based on your health. Some of them are good, and some are bad.

There is no detail we left out. Keep reading to become an Americo master. In total, there are 3 different ultra protector plans available. Ultimately, your health will decide which plan you may qualify for. All 3 plans are whole life insurance. For this reason, they will never expire. Also, the monthly payments are fixed for life, and the benefits cannot decrease. Basically, the policy never changes unless you change it. The ultra protector series burial insurance by Americo has two immediate benefit plans.

In contrast, their ultra protector III plan does come with a waiting period. To clarify, the two immediate benefit plans are ultra protector I and II. Typically, the only way to get immediate protection with the majority of final expense companies is to say no to every single one of their health questions. Amazingly, Americo will allow you to say yes to some health questions, and still receive full first day coverage.

Americo stands tallest in the burial insurance market in one major way. If you use smokeless tobacco e cigarettes , cigars, or pipe smoking, you qualify for their non tobacco rates. This results in a massive savings on your premiums. If you use any of those non cigarette tobacco products, Americo will give you an unbeatable price. In short, you fill out the application and submit it to Americo.

Then, they will render a decision within a week or so. First, they have no point of sale interview. Additionally, they do not have any knockout health questions. To the contrary, most burial insurance companies have both. To clarify, a point of sale interview is a short phone call with the burial insurance company as part of the overall application process. On the call, the insurance company will formerly ask you all their health questions.

In most cases, you will receive a final decision regarding your approval. A point of sale is wonderful. It allows you to very often receive an instant decision regarding your eligibility. We find that most customers prefer to know right away if they are approved or not.

Americo, like all burial insurance companies, will analyze your prescription history. Basically, they are looking for medications that treat any of the conditions that appear on the application. If they find something, they are very likely going to view you as having the condition related to the prescriptions they find. For example, lets say they find that you are taking medications for congestive heart failure.

Consequently, they will assume you have CHF. You could even say no to the CHF health question. However, it will not matter. Without a doubt, they will believe you have CHF because of your prescription history. This is a very standard practice for final expense companies. In addition to the prescription check, they will also access your MIB file.

Americo will analyze your file for any relevant records. If they find something, it could affect your eligibility. As previously mentioned, Americo has no knockout questions. As such, there is no condition you could have where Americo does not have an ultra protector plan available. This is very different than most final expense companies. Most burial insurance plans have a set of knockout conditions.

In other words, they have a list of health conditions where they are unable to offer you any coverage. Quite honestly, it is very cool they allow this. However, we will go on to explain that you probably should not accept whatever it is they may offer you. Some of their plans are good, and some are bad. The key is to identify which is right for you, if any.



Take a minute and fill out the quote form on this page. Afterwards, you will see a list of real prices from top rated burial insurance companies in your state. Determining which burial insurance is best for you is not as simple 1,2,3. It really depends on your overall health.


Americo Final Expense Product Review [For Agents Only]

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Americo Final Expense Review


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