Meanwhile, they come to know the thing at which topics they are good at which they are weak. Then according to that, they will do proper evaluation using APGENCO Syllabus again and balance their knowledge in all, then they are in a position to answer any question easily. But, the thing is continuous preparation and evaluation process are there if the contender wants to qualify the exam. So, based on this you need to prepare for the exam. As there is negative marking, even one can take care of the Examination by answering to only known questions in the exam. But, before that, you get expertise in the Syllabus because with that knowledge only you can easily give the best and correct answers.

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Contact us. Privacy Policy. Be the first of your friends. Electrical Motors. Top Deals! C not linked at all. D electrically linked.

Ans : B. Its field current is switched off. The motor will. D continue to run at a speed slightly less than the synchronous speed. Ans: B. D all are true. Ans: A.

D Zero. Ans: C. D it cannot be used for positioning of work tables and tools in NC machines. Ans: A Q. Sponsored links. Free Email Updates. Enter Your email here. And then confirm your email subcription. Sponsored Links. Electrical Engineer. Get Found. Get Jobs. Question And Answers. Motor Start. AC induction motor. Improve English Speaking. Previous Question Papers Indian Shout. None of the above. Ans: D. Find us on Facebook.

Facebook social plugin. A square wave. A sine wave. A triangular wave. A pulse wave. Admit Cards. Answer Keys. Application Forms. CAT- Common. Admission Test. Counselling Schedule. Exam Pattern.

IES Indian Engineering. Indian Shout. Ans: all options are correct. DC shunt motor. Question Papers. Scholar ships. Recent Posts. B power factor. D type of insulation used. Ans: C Q. A electric arc heating. B induction heating. C electric resistance heating. D dielectric heating. At full-load and 0. B less than 4. C more than 4. When the. The speed of the rotor m. If it is. A a dc motor.

B a single-phase ac motor. C a multi-phase motor. A dc motor. Ans: D Q. B 5 Amps. The speed. A rpm. D both higher or lower. B induction motor. D 20 Amps. C synchronous motor. D universal motor. If the same machine is run as a motor it takes a line current of 20A from V supply. B more than rpm. C less than rpm. A 50 Hz, 3-phase induction motor has a full load speed of r. The number of poles of the.

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APTRANSCO_APGENCO Assistant Engineer AE Electrical Previous Question Papers _ Indian Shout

Contact us. Privacy Policy. Be the first of your friends. Electrical Motors.


Download APGENCO AE Previous Papers PDF | AE Sample Papers

Only those candidates who have qualified the initial round will only be promoted for the next levels. From the below table you can easily find out the latest apgenco. So with the help of this pattern, one can easily know the structure of the question papers with the number of questions allocated for the Written Examination. Furthermore, you can also note down the time duration allotted for the test. Without notifying the exact pattern for the test you cannot start preparing. So, do check this pattern and then prepare by scheduling a perfect plan of action. Furthermore, the officials have not yet declared the exact date to conduct the test.

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