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The total number of posts up to now is 31, with the merkabah hashtag. You are the space holders. Focus on the change we need as a collective. Together we are unbeatable. Together shape the narrative of reality. Attention Fort Lauderdale, Florida! We would like to welcome our new certified Stellarwaves practitioner nessa. Featuring Stellarwaves crystal light therapy 5. For an updated list of our certified practitioners please visit Stellarwaves. Follow us wavesstellar stellarwaves stellarwavescrystallightbed schummanresonance stellarwavespractitioners chakrabed crystalbed crystallight crystallighttherapy crystallightbed meditation manifesting reikihealing reikimaster essenes chooselight merkabah.

Getting in your head, obsessing, expecting - these are energetical blockages that we are not even aware of. It's sending a signal that what you think you want you are actually not sure of as you don't trust it will come. Why would you be overthinking something you are so sure of? Repeat "I accept what is" until you feel it in your heart and see what happens. Saturn Moon Matrix.

War Ship. Mecca Merkabah. Art work of Archangel Metatron is by Jennie Ashwell. I was fortunate enough to have won my powerful Archangel Metatron's Merkabah cube of light from Jennie many years ago, energies are amazing.

Merkaba, also spelled Merkabah, translates literally to light, spirit, body. The Merkaba Symbol is a shape made of 2 intersecting tetrahedrons that spin in opposite directions, creating a 3-dimensional energy field. You can activate this vehicle of light around your own body with practiced meditation and breathing techniques. The merkaba is said to provide protection and transport your consciousness to higher dimensions. The merkaba shape reminds us of the potential power we can wield when we unite our own energies in pursuit of connection and growth.

El resultado es como un campo en forma de platillo que es extiende hasta unos 17 metros alrededor del coxis del cuerpo humano y cubre la totalidad de la altura de la persona. We are divine creators, we can manifest anything. You have been tricked into worshiping gods. Worship the divinity that lies within us all! Know You are a fractal of source, we are all made up of the same ethiric. The trees the rocks the entire multiverse is bathed in it!

For some reason this post was deleted! This collab with kevinpsychedelik is still available. The merkabah in the center represents duality and the balance of masculine and feminine. This is a powerful symbol of protection and is said to transport your conciousness to higher dimensions. Reserva de cupo con transferencia o tarjetas por Playing around with Metatron Cube Crystal Grids.

This is her testimony:. We have been on this cosmic journey together. We weaved in and out of many worlds and dimensions, through time and space. Her passion in sacred geometry and connection to the cosmos has given her such a unique and healing gift that transforms into art. She has a gift to really tune in and see you on a soul level. When we began my soul portrait, we meditated together and I actually saw the blue circles that came through in this portrait.

A week or so later, I was in my treatment room and randomly saw a Merkabah floating and rotating above a clients head. I found out later that Lon had been working with the Merkabah all that day in my soul portrait. Whether she tapped into my connection to the Merkabah or whether I tuned into her working with it, is unknown, but in that moment, we were connected. There is a dance that happens in this process that I found to be nothing short of pure magic.

All of her soul portraits have a word that comes through as the essence of it. Eu posso manifestar as minhas metas? Tocando uma ou milhares de pessoas.

Listen to your Heart. Te Empodera. Te conecta a la Fuente, a tu esencia, a tu propio SER. Her fandt jeg den, en Merkaba. The greater energy field that surrounds our body beyond our auric field is our own Merkabah. Healers who see auras are seeing this that changes and ranges from 6—36 inches, sometimes more and our etheric field, or light body, goes beyond the aura expanding up to 60 feet when fully energized.

A healthy functioning Merkaba is two tetrahedrons spinning incredibly fast in opposite directions, creating a light body that is capable of inter-dimensional and interstellar travel. Ascended Masters use their Merkabah to connect with higher realms and spirits, it is said the Chariots of Fire in the Bible are actually referencing the Merkabah. When active, the Merkabah taps us into ALL Source energy and matrix we call earth, DNA is fully turned on and many beleive the potentional for immortality and even time travel are there, but even more amazing is there is your body can heal itself here, and limitless creation is possible.

Mantenha essa marca no chakra pineal durante seu mantra. Depois pode tirar se quiser. A young woman gets more than she bargained for when a cryptid hunter asks for her help. Happy June! Each week I will use a different deck to pull energy in for the week ahead. This weeks energy reading It activates our access to our Akashic inheritance as well, merging the totality of our experiences into our present to serve our highest purpose. Therefore, this field is quantum as well.

It is in this field that we communicate with our consciousness and where our Akashic records are stored. The human Akasha can be described as the total history of everything that a human being has experienced on planet earth, held as energy in the pathetic field around the human being. This process is outwardly expressed through our search and manifestation of a love relationship with another, and inwardly through the equally powerful love relationship with ourselves.

Both hold the potential of supporting our eternal and infinite capacity to create a reality according to our consciousness. Can you fill the space around it? Now forget about your body — forget that you have one. Think of no-body, no-thing, no-place, and no-time. Open your focus and allow your conscious mind to get out of the way. Linger in this place often and see how this changes your perception in your daily life. Stellated octahedron aka Merkabah stringed. Lead will play its role until the world has no further need for lead; and then lead will have to turn itself into gold.

That's what alchemists do. They show that, when we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better, too. Merkabah com esfera de cristal. Pra expandir e manifestar todo o potencial de tudo que somos. Podem ser usadas como pingente ou como ferramenta de poder, em grid de cristais ou altares. Como usa a sua?

Povo marrrlindooo do Merkabah 2 de hoje. Not much, planetary liberation kinda shit, becoming sovereign multidimensional creator gods through energy awareness and stuff. Remembering unconditional love.

Destroying eons of false control systems designed to feed on fear energy. Learning how to travel at the speed of thought. Embodying the knowing that we are one with the universe, activating our light vehicle merkabah and Kundalini chakra centers. Hashtag Popularity. Esse meu sobrinho viu Load More.


◃ Terapias de Cura Energética ▹ por Isabela Almeida.

The total number of posts up to now is 31, with the merkabah hashtag. You are the space holders. Focus on the change we need as a collective. Together we are unbeatable. Together shape the narrative of reality. Attention Fort Lauderdale, Florida! We would like to welcome our new certified Stellarwaves practitioner nessa.


As Falanges de Trabalho Na Umbanda

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