From March until the summer of , six issues of AZAN magazine were published, with each issue containing an average of 50 pages. Among the articles that deal with Pakistan:. Similarities can be found between the two magazines, not only in terms of their target audience Muslims in the West or in their encouragement of readers to send in materials, but also in the common themes and issues that they cover, including: American drone attacks,[6] criticism of President Obama and the US government,[7] and quotes from late jihad figures such as Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, [8] Anwar al-Awlaki, [9] and Abdullah Azzam[10]. Each writer generally writes about fixed issues, and sometimes the same topic appears in successive articles.

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The group has also reported Sukarnoputri to the police, accusing her of blasphemy for reciting one of her poems at a recent fashion event.

If found guilty, Sukarnoputri faces up to five years in prison. Last year, the FPI successfully campaigned for the sentencing of the former governor of Jakarta, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, on the same blasphemy charge. The Christian politician, also known as Ahok, was handed down a two-year prison sentence for insulting Islam in a speech.

Sukarnoputri, herself a politician, has since publicly apologised to all Muslims for causing offense in a tearful speech at a press conference. This is not the first time Sukarnoputri and the FPI have had a run-in. The outspoken cleric, who could be jailed for several years if he were convicted, fled to Saudi Arabia, where he still resides.

Despite vocal outcry from religious conservatives in the country, others have jumped to the support of Sukarnoputri. Be a part of the story. Join today! Read more articles.


I-Team: ISIS jihadist recruitment tool features Chicago skyline

The Minneapolis Cedar-Riverside adhan is believed to be the first publicly broadcast call to prayer in a major US city. From loudspeakers on the roof of a Minnesota mosque, the Islamic call to prayer echoed for the first time ever throughout a Minneapolis neighbourhood late on Thursday as the Muslim community there prepared to begin the holy month of Ramadan. It echoed again on Friday morning and will continue five times a day during the holy month. The simple, short call - known as the adhan - marked an historical moment for Minneapolis and major cities across the United States, community members said.


New Terrorist Magazine Targets Obama, Drones

Participants at the protest, which was organized by the Islamic Jihad group, held banners aloft, reading: "You cannot silence our adhan! In a speech delivered at the protest, leading Islamic Jihad member Ahmed al-Modallal declared: "This bill is only the latest in a long list of Israeli crimes against the Muslim faith. Second and third readings of the draft law must still be approved by a majority of Knesset members before the legislation becomes law. Palestinians hold placards as they protest approval of proposed Azan call to prayer ban law by Israel in Gaza City, Gaza on March 9, Mustafa Hassona - Anadolu Agency. Please contact us for subscription options. Mattis slams Trump on handling of George Floyd protests.

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