JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Recommented batteries: For Gigaset handsets, use only the batteries approved by Gigaset. The high quality standard guarantees safe use and a long service life.

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JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Recommented batteries: For Gigaset handsets, use only the batteries approved by Gigaset. The high quality standard guarantees safe use and a long service life. List of approved and recommended batteries:.

Voltage [V]. Capacity [mA]. Supplier 's Type. NiMH AA. By default, the number of the caller is shown in the display of your Gigaset telephone. You do not have to make any other settings on your Gigaset telephone. However, if the caller's number is not displayed, this can be due to the following: - You have not ordered CID from your network provider or - Your telephone is connected through a PBX that does not transmit all information.

You can establish this by checking for an additional device connected between your telephone and house connection, e. In most cases, simply resetting this device will remedy the situation: - Briefly disconnect the power plug of your PBX. In the user guide for the device, search for the term "CID" or an alternative term such as "phone number transmission", "caller ID",..

If necessary, contact the device manufacturer. If this does not resolve the problem, it is possible that your network provider does not support the CID service for this number. Have you ordered the CID service from your network provider? If necessary, contact your provider. The entire contents of the memory will be deleted. All portable handsets will be deregistered. The system code will be reset to The firmware-update of handsets is only supported by Gigaset QuickSync for Windows.

Please make sure that you use the USB cable to connect the handset that you want to update, as updating via Bluetooth is not supported! If your handset is updatable and your PC is connected to the Internet, Gigaset QuickSync will automatically check for new firmware at least once a day, and if it is available it will prompt you to update your handset. It can also be disabled via the appropriate checkbox when Gigaset QuickSync prompts you to update your handset.

This launches the firmware update. The update process can take up to 10 minutes not including the download time. Do not interrupt the process or remove the USB data cable. The data is initially loaded from the update server on the Internet. The amount of time this takes is dependent on the speed of your Internet connection. The display on your phone is switched off and the message key and the talk key start flashing.

Once the update is complete, your phone will automatically restart. It is practically impossible to determine the battery capacity or state of charge of a NiCd or NiMH battery by fast measurement. For the charge management of the Gigasets, it is only possible to recognize completely empty or completely full just charged batteries by the voltage.

NiZn Nickel Zinc batteries are not suitable for use in Gigaset handsets. Improvements with this version:. To see a picture in the display in addition to the number from an internal caller you have to achieve the following settings:.

If a handset with picture-CLIP-function is registered to an older base station it could be possible that there is no picture shown in the display due to incompatibility reasons.

In these cases please have a look at our compatibility database and choose your combination to see if it is possible or not. Please check, whether the Bluetooth accessory supports one of the given protocols, which are supported by the Gigaset handset:.

When the Bluetooth accessory was installed already, please delete the registration from the handset:. If it is again not possible to register the accessory to the handset, please check, whether the accessory supports a reset-function, and execute it. Please pay attention that perhaps previous settings will be deleted in the accessory.

If you would like to use a headset already registered to another device e. An outgoing call will not be transfered to the Bluetooth headset automatically. Please make sure your Bluetooth headset supports one of these profiles too. If you want to receive entries from a mobile phone or an PDA this can lead to problems, if you try to send a block of entries.

Fotos attached to a VCard entry will not be accepted from the Gigaset handset, due to restricted storage in the handset. In some cases it leads to problems, if a foto is assigned to the VCards.

In this case the only possibility is to send the entry without foto. You can also register up to 5 data devices PC, PDA to send and receive directory entries as vCards or exchange data with the computer. To get a connection to the Gigaset it is necessary to activate the Bluetooth function at the handset.

To that it is necessary to disconnect all cables from the handset and also not to charge the device in the charging cradle while you want to work with Bluetooth. You next have to pair your Gigaset handset with your PC. To do that start you Bluetooth software at your PC and search for new Bluetooth devices. The Gigaset will be shown, preconditioned it is in the radio radius of max.

After the PC has found the handset you have to enter an security code. As a rule you get several possibilities for the security code. Please select the on which offers you to enter the code manually. Then enter a code, like Right now a window appears in the handset which prompts you to enter the code. Please enter here the same code as you selected before: Updating via Bluetooth is not supported.

A foto stored to the entry in the mobile phone will not be transfered to the Gigaset, due to limited storage in the Gigaset handset. If Bluetooth is activated and the supplied USB data cable is plugged into the connection socket, Bluetooth is automatically deactivated. If a Bluetooth voice connection has already been established, Bluetooth is not deactivated until this connection is deactivated.

If a Bluetooth data connection has already been established, the response depends on the receiving device. An incoming call will also be signalized at the Bluetooth headset and can immediately be accepted by pressing the 'Accept button' see manual of your Bluetooth headset producer.

If you accept the call with your Gigaset device, and afterwards want to transfer the call to your headset, you also just need to press the accept button at your headset. In this case, the transfer of the call could take between 3 and 5 seconds. Within this period you should avoid to press the accept button twice, because you possibly could hang up the call. Bluetooth is activated and a connection has been established between the Bluetooth headset and the handset.

Dial procedure was initiated by Gigaset handset. Press the talk key on the Bluetooth headset. It may take up to 5 seconds to establish a connection to the handset. The Gigaset supports the Headset Profile and Handsfree Bluetooth profil for communication with a headset. You can operate headsets on your handset that have the Headset or Handsfree profile. If both profiles are available, the handsfree profile is used to communicate. Discharge should take place at room temperature.

To deactivate the missed call list please enter the following procedure :. The configuration of the base, as well as listening to the answering machine SLA only are no longer supported with the mentioned handsets. All handsets on a Duo or Trio system have to be switched on once to enable the base station to complete the registration data. The update process can take up to 10 min-utes not including the download time.

The new Gigaset phones let you exchange your contact data both quickly and easily. Plus, you can sync your address book data.

CTI functionality: Dialing of phone numbers on a connected Gigaset phone :. Support for Gigaset SL Welcome to the support resource for your Gigaset SL On this page you will find answers to frequently asked questions. Manuals as well as software and firmware are available for download. You will also find video tutorials , which will help you to get started.

Should your device have a defect, you can register your Gigaset SL for repair. Furthermore you will find accessories for your Gigaset SL If you're looking for products matching your Gigaset SL, have a look at our compatibility database. You can also find out how to register your Gigaset SL with other devices.

You have questions regarding your Gigaset product? Here you will find answers. Notes on operating a Gigaset phone on the analog telephone connection of a router or modem.


Support for Gigaset SX685

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Box wizard to register a telephone 1. Box user interface.


Support for Gigaset SL400

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The Gigaset S is a high-quality, technically well-thought-out telephone that makes sophisticated communication at home even more comfortable. The large colour display and the well-arranged menu guarantee particularly easy navigation. Excellent sound quality is a matter of course for the Gigaset S change between three audio profiles with a single click and adjust the acoustics perfectly to your surrounding conditions. Simply clever.

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