Carlos Castaneda's tensegrity: to support Uk practitioners. Tensegrity is the name given to the modern version of the Magical Passes: positions and movements of body and breath that were dreamt and stalked by men and women seers who lived in Mexico in ancient times, and taught to Carlos Castaneda, Florinda Donner-Grau, Taisha Abelar and Carol Tiggs by their teacher, don Juan Matus, a Yaqui Indian from Yuma, Arizona, and Sonora, Mexico, and the heir to a lineage of seers that originates in Mexico of ancient times. The word Tensegrity is borrowed from an architect, engineer, scientist and dreamer whom Carlos Castaneda admired: R. Buckminster Fuller, who described tensegrity as a combination of tension and integrity, the forces at work in a structure that is formed by a finite network of compression, or rigid elements interconnected through tensile, or elastic elements which give the structure its overall integrity. Due to this elastic property of interconnections, when one element of the tensegrity structure is shifted, this shift is spread throughout the whole structure, and all the other elements shift as well, or adapt for a new configuration, yielding to these shifts without breaking.

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He must not run away. He must defy his fear, and in spite of it he must take the next step in learning, and the next, and the next. He must be fully afraid, and yet he must not stop. That is the rule! And a moment will come when his first enemy retreats. The man begins to feel sure of himself. His intent becomes stronger.

Learning is no longer a terrifying task. This system became known as the magical passes, or by its more modern term -- Tensegrity. Carlos Castaneda, an anthropologist by training, along with three female cohorts, became the beneficiaries of this knowledge.

In a series of books, Carlos Castaneda described his encounter with don Juan Matus, a Yaqui Indian and leader of a party of seers, and the subsequent training and initiation into this unique body of knowledge which has been carefully preserved and handed down from generation to generation through a long line of seers. In this workshop, the emphasis will be on dreaming, the awakening of perception outside of what we already know.

Participants will practice magical passes and stalking exercises to identify what fears in everyday life hold our perception in place, stimulating us then to perceive beyond. This workshop will be taught by the direct apprentices of Carlos Castaneda.

Mailing lists for practitioners of Carlos Castaneda's tensegrity. Groups of practitioners of Carlos Castaneda's tensegrity. Links for practitioners of Carlos Castaneda's tensegrity. Take self-pity again. It was useful to you because you either felt important and deserving of better conditions, better treatment, or because you were unwilling to assume responsibility for the acts that brought you to the state that elicited self-pity, or because you were incapable of bringing the idea of your impending death to witness your acts and advise you.

The word Tensegrity was coined by architect and dreamer R. Buckminster Fuller, and is a combination of tension and integrity, which Carlos Castaneda saw as a perfect description of the driving forces of the magical passes, and of the way of being that don Juan Matus taught him: giving equal attention to all parts of our being, all aspects of our actions with others, all parts of the scene we are in, and how they interrelate.

Earth Changes are about to happen that you should be aware of. Once awareness is free, intent will redirect it onto a new evolutionary path. It is an adaptation Carlos Castaneda made to an earlier form of theater that was introduced to the lineage of don Juan Matus by the nagual Elias Ulloa, and further refined by his student and don Juan's benefactor, the nagual Julian Osorio.

It entails the use of the magical passes, the dreamt movements of their lineage, to perform a special kind of theater - one in which the actors try on various masks, and as they do so, come to see that their "usual" identities are also masks - clearing the way, if even for an instant, for them to become aware of their true identity as extensions of infinity itself, capable of intending how they want to live and be. In their play, as in life, they make a tour of awareness, a journey by which they and the universe becomes more aware of the vastness, multiplicity and mutability of themselves.

For more info, click here London one-day workshop by Cleargreen Breaking the Speed Barrier London, Saturday October 16th For the seers of don Juan's lineage, there is the cognition of modern man, and there is the cognition of the shamans of ancient Mexico.

Don Juan considered these two to be entire worlds of everyday life which were intrinsically different from one another. In many instances, the faster we go, the briefer the intake from our environment, the more mono-dimensional and tunneled become our thoughts, and the more fragmented becomes our cognition, leaving us in the end with energy that looks like fine, scattered particles of dust.

At another extreme, our habitual speed limits us in another way - we respond to our environment far too slowly; we 'miss the boat,' or hold things up; our energy becomes inert and stagnant, and we approach the events of our lives with a trepidation and tentativeness that impedes a decision of which direction to go.

According to seers, if we can learn to move with awareness - issues with 'fast' and 'slow' slip away, and we enter into the cognition of the seers of ancient Mexico as it applies to now, energetically experiencing a cohesion of being, which the students of don Juan refer to as Tensegrity. In this one-day workshop, participants will practice Tensegrity - magical passes, or movements and breaths, that move us through differing speeds and rhythms, and self-inquiry exercises that help us identify who in our past gave us the 'green light' to speed up, or the 'red light' to slow down - all as an aid to breaking our current speed, whatever it is, that binds our cognition.

In this case, to intend means that you get an unquestionable bodily knowledge that you are a dreamer. You feel you are a dreamer with all the cells of your body. I'd like it to be able to generate its own power, and have fruit trees and vegetable gardens, and lots of community space, a place where everyone can participate in decisions.

And we keep our dreams small We are far more accustomed to nightmaring than to dreaming! That we are all connected," said a third "You are feeling your essence," the nagual said, "which is intent itself, vibrating, alive, delicious!

Intent is affectionate, the organizing web of the universe. From here you can track the trail of intent in your life, your moments of YES! What is your nightmare?


Carlos Castaneda

Carlos Castaneda December 25, [nb 1] —April 27, was an American author. Starting with The Teachings of Don Juan in , Castaneda wrote a series of books that describe his training in shamanism , particularly with a group whose lineage descended from the Toltecs. The books, narrated in the first person , relate his experiences under the tutelage of a man that Castaneda claimed was a Yaqui "Man of Knowledge" named don Juan Matus. His 12 books have sold more than 28 million copies in 17 languages.



He must not run away. He must defy his fear, and in spite of it he must take the next step in learning, and the next, and the next. He must be fully afraid, and yet he must not stop. That is the rule! And a moment will come when his first enemy retreats. The man begins to feel sure of himself. His intent becomes stronger.



People yearn to tap into the magic, to live a phenomenal life. They want to create a vision for themselves and bring what they envision into reality. Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, yet the further away you are from the source of the tools … the weaker they are. The weaker the tools … the poorer the results.

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