La Paioli Sport S. Stiff and well balanced, it is really the best for the most exigent competitor!!! For obtain the maximum, we have decided to modify the diameter and the profile of all the 3 elements, using the Linear joint on the 13 mt base. This thing permitted us to radically modify the rod action. The kit, really performance, has got a very slim profile that definitely cuts the air, making the strikes even more effective with this superlative pole.

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La Paioli Sport S. Stiff and well balanced, it is really the best for the most exigent competitor!!! For obtain the maximum, we have decided to modify the diameter and the profile of all the 3 elements, using the Linear joint on the 13 mt base.

This thing permitted us to radically modify the rod action. The kit, really performance, has got a very slim profile that definitely cuts the air, making the strikes even more effective with this superlative pole. The combination of this kit together with the other new elements gave us a rod with exceptional performance. All this ,could be possible thanks to the use of the newest materials Ultra Light Modulus together with the new resins enriched with the Nanolith.

The pole is realized in antifriction and black suncore, and again the Special Gara kits are made in suncore. The ties on the pieces 4 and 5 are instead realized in antifriction. The performances of this pole will amaze all the anglers in the same way in wich they have amazed us during the first tests. Available in pack Top.

To combine with the Top Match we have realized the Carp. We have decided to realize it with a single stem of 13 mt, in order to obtain the best performances for this kind of rod. The pole mounts a match kit with the tip, with exactly the same length of the Top Match kits. On this pole is possible to use the special gara kits of the as to the 4th as to the 5th piece, obtaining in this way a very good competition pole.

The rod is available in Pack Top. The PH series will keep on also for the season, giving continuity to a series that had got a lot of success in the last year.

For the realization of these new jewels, we have used the same conicity of the last season PH series, in order to give the correct continuity to the products; but thanks to the Reglass research on the composites materials we are now able to offer a more complete and improve pole series as in action as in reliability. The models PH and PH represent the top for this series for the season. With these poles we want to offer simply the top for the most exigent competitor; two poles with the same characteristics but that mount different kits: for the a kit with traditional tip , instead for the , a kit with a telescopic AB tip.

In this way the angler can choose the rod that he prefers, depending on his needs. The stem of the pole is extremely light and balanced and it will amaze for the superlative stiffness and the same speed of the strikes. With the Ph series we have maintained the profile with the parallel handle: it means that the base of the 13 mt can be used for fish also to 11,5 mt, if mounted instead of the 8th section. Available in Pack Base, Pack Top and single rod. The PH model is a competition pole that adapts itself perfectly as for the white fishes with ligth lines as in the river with big vela floats in search of big fishes This pole, realized on the PH profile with the 13 mt Linear Joint base, is really a polyvalent pole that can be used in a high range of situations.

The Kit with the Ab tip makes the action very speed and permits the use of the hollow elastics that go out from the same tip in a very good way. The correct compromise between lightness and rapidity that can be understood when we take the PH into our hands. This is the soul of this project. Available in pack base, pack top and also single pole.

The PH is a real allround pole, ideal for the angler who desires versatility and reliability. This model mounts a traditional kit with a tip, really versatile and adaptable in each fishing situation. The stem of the ph was developed for use all kind of kit, in order to fish in each situation possible.

Available in pack base, pack top and single rod. These two models are realized on the same stem but they have got different kits: the Ph mounts a kit match with the tip, instead the ph has got a kit with telescopic AB tip. The poles adapts themselves in the best way for fish the carps or for fish also in the river during severe conditions, offering a great power and reliability. These two models are the ideal second rods for the models PH , offering the possibility to have a pole with the same kind of kit.

Available in pack top and in a single rod. The Top Carp born for the increasing demando f carpodrome poles but that can also be used in a longer sizes then the classic 13 mt: it means 14,5 meters and also For this need the pole is really stiff and balanced on the 13 mt version, in order to rest also very good when we will put in the extension for fish 14,5 or 16 meters.

These extensions are offered as optionals. The rod mounts a kit slot carp. This model fits also very well our special light kits , becoming a beautiful rod for fish white fishes This rod is realized using the Reglass patents here below: Sun Core, Clean Caps, Teflon Joint, Nanolith, AntiFriction, Fusion. This fantastic pole renews the Eriver carp myth.

Not a simply remake but really a revisiting of the same project, making better, when it was possible, one of the most successful model of the last years. Thanks to the continue research on the composite materials, Reglass provide us all the last technologies for the creation of this model. For the River Carp we used the new kit slot carp , that offers a kit with the new PTFE slot and increases the length of the same rod around 30 cm more than the old model.

We are sure to offer the best pole for carp to the best price possible, for the anglers who are searching a pole with fantastic characters. It is available in pack top and as a single rod. This rod is a new benchmark: the Dynasty is the best among the carp fishing poles.

Light, balanced and extremely pleasant to hand, perfectly suitable for every use in carp fisheries or rivers. Compatible with the 4 and 5 pieces kit of the Competition Power range. Rod with features of extraordinary toughness made with Reglass technology.

This extraordinary pole is one of the most powerful and tough tools on the market, suitable to be used with 2,8 band and 0,30 rigs and over. The invincible Pole thanks to its features, will be a point of reference for the fishing of big minnows in lakes and rivers like river Arno in Pisa where the presence of big clarius might create problems to the rods currently used for this kind of fishing.

With this gear it will be all possible. With the Invincible can be used the 4 sections tips, both of series Competition Long and of series Competition Strong. A competition pole, light and bilance, ideal for all kind of fishing. It is adaptable with all the kits of the series special and ph, as to the 4th as to the 5th piece and again with the special kit Reglass to the connection of the 3th pieces on the 4th one.

The two rods are realized on the same mandrels, but created with two totally different identities: The Power model is dedicated to the carpodrome, when it needs a very strong and reliable tackle for get through hard fishing sessions; The Match model is ideal when the competitions are oriented to catch fishes of medium sizes, like small sizes carps or bremes.

These poles, realized by Reglass, can mount a two pieces kit available for both the rods. A pole dedicated for the carps in the lakes, where the angler need a very reliable and performance rod.

It was expressly requested from the technical experts of this kind of fishing in France and also in Belgium. This mini roubasienne that is realized in italy from the Reglass company, has got very interest characters. Ideal for fishing on the margins into the carpodromes it mounts a slot kit of the latest generation, with a PTFE buttonhole for the exit of the elastic. With the rod is sold also a second kit in 2 sections.

The pole can mount the following kits: special kit drill all the reglass models , a kit top 3 from all the power kits tip, piece B and third element as light as carp again the top 3 from all the special kits, AB tip and holder for Ab tip from all the series C and PH.

Very robust Rod designed for oversize fishes at short and medium distance. The material of construction of this fantastic ultra slim rod, is the same of the legendary Invincible and hence we understand at what kind of fishing is addressed. The peculiarity resides especially in the geometry of the fourth element, very cylindrical, which allows mounting kits of three pieces and all special kits, both Drill and the Competition Power and Invincible series.

Then you can pull the elastic during combat to the element 4 also using big but very long elastics. Finally, a real Franglaise rod for catching big fishes!!! The Reglass ingeneers were able to develop and create a semi parabolic progressive action that permits to this inimitable rod a great pleasure during the fightings.

The finesse and the stiffness of the extensions permit to have got an excellent control of the line in every situation. This pole grants also to a competitor to strain his catches, also big fishes those weight many many kilograms, remaining sitting on the seatbox.

In this way we can earn sure a lot of time and comfort. Adrenaline is granted!! Elementi sostitutivi a quelli della canna per consentire la pesca a corte distanze senza dover mettere sotto sforzo i pezzi della canna vera e propria.

I Fighter sono stati realizzati con i medesimi tessuti di carbonio e con laminazioni rinforzanti per garantirvi di poterli impugnare senza il rischio di spiacevoli rotture, soprattutto nelle ferrate quando si effettua la pesca a corta. Questo non toglie di poterli, nel caso di allamatura di pesci di grosse dimensioni, di inserirvi i restanti elementi originali della canna.

Versione The lenght of these kits is around equal of the traditional 3 pieces ones or of an AB tip lenght or again equal to the lenght of the second piece that fits an AB tip, cutted to the correct size wich makes it ready for fish.

What we wanted to do is differentiate the exit-holes on the tip in order to use elastics of different diameters. The kit named Slot Match has got an exit hole of around 3mm and is really performant and ideal for be used in the competitions ,mounted on high level rods, it exhalts their action manteining the original lenght.

The Slot River Kit has got an exit-hole of around 3,8mm and is good for hollow elastics of a size till 2,3mm and is called River because is maybe the ideal one for use big plate floats or big vela floats or again to be used into the carpodromes. The Kit slot carp has got an exit-hole of 4,5mm and is ideal for be used in the carpodromes or in the river Arno in the match venue of Pisa.

All the kits mount on the new PTFE bushes that help the pulling action of the elastics, an action that is used a lot with the hollow elastics. Short roubasienne for carp fisheries. It comes from last seasons War. Small diameter, balanced, rigid and, above all, reliable. The use of new very high resistance carbon fiber made possible the creation of a gear that despite having a metres max use is highly technological and is perfect for young people the approach competitions.

This pole with stiff action was studied for the carpodrome. Perfect for the competition where the angler need to fish near the bank. For the creation of this pole are used innovative material in order to give to the same affidability and the best performances.

Kit of 3 and 4 pieces are available. Strong and balanced is created in high modulus carbon and HR carbon fibers together.. It permits the finish with the normal elastics until the size 2. The thin blank makes this rod very handly. This pole has got the same kit of the War Power one.. Joint rod especially conceived for carp fisheries for fishing at a short distance.



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