By sending this message I agree with sending my personal data to Destine Broker. For any information, please read our Privacy Policy. The RCA insurance has a well defined purpose — in case of a car accident, the injured has to mandatory receive compensation for the any suffered damages material or body damages , regarding of the financial situation of the guilty driver. The RCA policy is closed for all cars registered or in course of registration in Romania. CASCO is a voluntary insurance, on the basis of which the insurance company pays compensation for almost any damage suffered by the insured vehicle.

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Roadside assistance. Discover the advantages of partnering with us along with the next steps to begin our collaboration by accessing the following links. Develop your own franchise. A long-term investment. The insurance types from this section are addressed to entrepreneurs and large companies alike, covering a wide spectrum of risks which guarantee the smooth operation of your business, regardless of its size or field of activity.

Complete the form on the right with your information to receive a personalised insurance offer. A Transilvania Broker agent will contact you as soon as possible, from to Sign up for our company newsletter and discover the latest news related to our products, services and offers.

Talk to a consultant Transilvania Broker. Write us on: office transilvaniabroker. Created by InterStep. Dorim sa stim limba in care doresti sa fie afisat continutul site-ului pentru a va personaliza experienta. Skip to content. Mandatory Policies Motor vehicle liability Policy against disasters. Travel Accidents Health Civil liability. See more details. Activity-related Business intrerruption General liability Professional liability Warranties.

Specific fields Crop insurance Tourism agencies Transporter liability Construction. Machinery CPM Accidental damages. Employees Life Health Accidents. Insurance Guide Definitions and terms Work mechanism Insurance brokers. Over collaborators. Advantages and Benefits How does it work? Success stories. Stock exchange data Corporate governance Financial analysts Non-financial reports.

Initiated persons transactions Informing notes Questions and answers. Latest News. Retrospectiva anului Read More. About us. Over 1. Social Involvment. Legal Person Insurance. Vehicle liability. Crop insurance. Buildings and goods. Transporter liability. Scroll to see all our products. Over 1 million customers. Over 10 years. Client-oriented services. See all our partners. Covers the damage caused by business interruption triggered by damage or destruction of the insured goods.

Solicita o oferta. More details. General Civil Liability Insurance for Companies. This insurance type guarantees the compensations and legal fees following the occurrence of the insured events. Professional Liability Insurance. This policy covers the liability assumed to your clients by contract, following acts of culp and negligence.

Warranty Insurance. Warranty Insurance covers the potential non-compliance with the obligations of constructors from the public and private sectors.

Specific fields. Agricultural Crops Insurance. Agricultural crops insurance covers the damage caused to crops and animals by natural phenomena.

Tourism insurance compensates the clients of the policyholder in case it does not fulfill the tourism services contract. The CAR policy insures 3 types of damage: material damage, civil liability of the constructor and profit loss. Location, equipment and goods. Covers the damage incurred to the buildings, capital goods, inventory items and stocks of goods. Covers the damage caused to all electric equipment of the policyholder caused by natural events and human error.

Vehicle policies. The RCA insurance covers the injuries produced to a third party following a car accident. The CASCO insurance covers the damage caused to your own vehicle in case of accidents or other events.

Roadside Assistance Insurance for Companies. Polita TransAsist asigura asistenta rutiera in cazul penelor, defectiunilor si a erorilor personale. Machinery Insurance CPM. The CPM insurance covers the damage caused to machinery by human error, catastrophic events, theft and accidental damage.

Life Insurance for Companies. Life insurance covers the risks of death, invalidity, hospitalisation and surgical interventions. Health Insurance for Companies. Accident Insurance for employees.

The accident insurance covers the risks of death and permanent invalidity that have occurred from a work accident. Request an offer immediately. Notice: JavaScript is required for this content. Find out the latest news. Campaigns News Claims Careers. Petitions Feedback and suggestions Sitemap Contact.

Data protection Registers. Linkedin Facebook-f Youtube Instagram. All rights reserved. In ce limba doresti sa fie afisat continutul?


Omniasig turnover down 14.2 percent in 2013, to RON 881.1 million

Main address: www. Address of the buyer profile: www. Din punct de vedere al asigurarii resurselor financiare necesare, nu se inregistreaza constrangeri datorate lipsei resurselor in bugetul de venituri si cheltuieli al municipiului Arad, avandu-se in vedere alocarea, in bugetul fiecarui an, a sumelor necesare achizitiei serviciilor de asigurari RCA si asigurari CASCO. Contractul nu se inscrie in sfera celor de complexitate ridicata. Prestatorul de servicii de asigurari RCA si asigurari CASCO este autorizat de organele competente indeplinind obligatiile prevazute de legislatia in vigoare. Internet address: www.


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Read more. The conclusion of a home insurance policy is a proof of responsibility of us all A life insurance policy is probably the most important insurance contract that The selection of a private health insurance policy at an affordable price is a wise decision Millenium Insurance Broker allows you to compare the offers of the main existing health

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