Trust is being certain of receiving the appropriate answer, the solution to a problem; feeling that there is always someone on the other side ready to do anything that you need. The reasons that have led Asisa to become a reliable Company for more than 2,, insured are the objective of this annual. Institutional Cultural patronage Sports sponsorships Asisa and University Knowledge and popularisation Competitions and awards. Maintaining this formula involves growing in a sustainable manner, gaining financial strength and being competitive in a more and more complex market.

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Trust is being certain of receiving the appropriate answer, the solution to a problem; feeling that there is always someone on the other side ready to do anything that you need. The reasons that have led Asisa to become a reliable Company for more than 2,, insured are the objective of this annual. Institutional Cultural patronage Sports sponsorships Asisa and University Knowledge and popularisation Competitions and awards.

Maintaining this formula involves growing in a sustainable manner, gaining financial strength and being competitive in a more and more complex market. That is why the results of are so important for our future: they consolidate five years of growth beyond our sector and place us in an optimal position to deal with the challenges we have to face.

In , the insurance sector reduced its premiums once again. The Health Trade increased 3. To achieve it, strong increases of private health policies were essential, allowing us to balance our portfolio and reduce losses, which have fallen 4.

Growth makes us stronger; it makes us more competitive and allows us to keep our identity. Consolidating an average profit before tax over 30 million Euros, in the last five years However, growing up is not easy nowadays.

Therefore, we need to extend our market in search for new opportunities that guarantee a better profitability, allowing us to maintain our distinguishing marks. This is the reason that has taken us to bet on expanding our horizons and starting to operate in other fields of insurance, now that we have the administrative authorizations required. Our position in health and dental insurance, together with the strong development of our commercial structure, are the best guarantee that we have for this new activity.

Together with the extension of activities in the national market, we will boost the internationalization process that we started a few years ago.

We are going to add Portugal, a market in which we will enter initially through the sale of dental policies, to our investments in Equatorial Guinea and Morocco. Besides, we will keep exploring the possibility of participating in new projects and operations in countries of Latin America, Eastern Europe and Near East. Nowadays, ASISA is ready to be ambitious when it comes to plan its future, as we have managed to be competitive in what we do.

This is mainly due to the consolidation of a commercial network in the last years that combines multiple channels self-owned direct networks, agents and brokers, specialists in large accounts and telephone and online sale that has allowed us to extend our offer and increase the sale of healthcare, dental, life and accidents insurance products. In addition, we have consolidated the central position of clients in our strategy, improving management and personalizing attention systems.

All these elements are essential to understand our development. Besides its significant contribution to the profits of the Groups, ASISA Dental provides a very relevant qualitative contribution in terms of assistance, with clinics equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and procedures that comply with the highest international standards of excellence.

It could not be otherwise in a company whose main value is assistance quality and whose main reference is our hospital group. The Group hospitals are the largest hospital network managed by an insurance company and an essential strategic asset for our Group and our future: they already invoice million Euros, with roughly 3, employees, and help us in a decisive manner in cost control, especially after the introduction of the Green Cube comprehensive management system, that allows us to be more efficient and obtain better results.

However, the time that we are living in the hospital industry, with a very important concentration movement that may modify the map of health service in our country, forces us to be more and more efficient. This is not the only challenge we are dealing with. As our society and its consumption habits and preferences change, only those companies able to adapt themselves and reach to more clients with more and more adjusted structures will guarantee their survival.

Future passes through excellence and innovation. If we manage to combine both elements, we will be able to compete and grow. That must be our objective. Thank you very much to all those who have helped us to get here, as you will play an important role in our future; we would also like to give thanks to our CEO and Medical Director and all the managerial staff for their efforts and complete dedication.

Cardioimagen Vistahermosa, C. Vistahermosa, S. Asisa Dental, S. Asisa, Servicios Integrales de Salud, S. Asuman Servicios y Mantenimiento, S.

Centros e Instalaciones Asistenciales de Asisa, S. Corlleida, S. Hospital Moncloa, S. Hospital Moncloa Internacional, S. Sociedad Guineana de Salud, S. Hospital Jerez Puerta del Sur, S. Resona, S. Asyas, Promociones Sanitarias, S. Nucleopet, S. Alcuneza, S. Dr Dr. Francisco Francisco J. Professional Portal At the end of the year there were 26, physicians registered, Electronic fee report It is possible to access the fee report through the Professional Portal.

Every month Asisa sends a SMS or an email warning that the fees information is already available at the portal. For Asisa, it is imperative to make all the necessary means available for doctors in order to facilitate their procedures with the Company.

The Helpline for Doctors, operative since , is an agile and efficient method for consultation and problem solving. Throughout the year the work team of the quality department specialized in detecting and treating those cases where the insured may have perceived that their expectations have not been fulfilled in a satisfactory manner. They received more than applications. The total number of cases attended at the Customer Service Centre was 2,, including calls, emails, SMS, fax and back office work.

It is worth noting that they dealt with , authorizations. The recently created Asisa Health professional Helpline attended 57, cases, including the management of the invoicing system, LINCE, and , transactions carried out through the automatic system IVR.

Through the line Asisa Contrata , we closed 22, agreements and more than 7, policies that had requested cessation were retained. Its operation has been described in the Regulation presented in the year before the Commissioner for Customer Defence at the Insurance General Directorate. The Customer Service must deal with and solve the claims and complaints submitted by the policyholders with regard to their insurance contracts, a previous step to those that they may submit before the Commissioner for.

In we reduced both the number of claims received, 0. Emergency Coordinator Centre Asisa has a Comprehensive Emergency System designed to provide an appropriate answer to any health problem. The system considers the coverage of emergency resources in all the Spanish municipalities in hospital emergency rooms of selfowned, public and subsidized hospitals all over Spain. The access to the Comprehensive Emergency System takes place through the Emergency Coordinator Centre CCU , with a sole telephone number for the whole national territory.

The total activity of the Asisa Emergency Coordinator Centre during the year was , acts, involving a 5. Bed Coordinator is a service that depends on the Emergency Coordinator Centre and its functions are: acting as a valid interlocutor before any hospital medical incident of the insured after normal business hours of the branches and coordinating the patients of mutual companies treated at the emergency rooms of public hospitals to be admitted in Asisa self-owned or subsidized hospitals.

In the year we carried out bed coordination actions. The Home Healthcare Network is a speedy home attention and assistance service for any typo of emergency carried out by qualified professionals.

This device, exclusive for Asisa insured, includes the following services:. In , the number of visits to the web page asisa. With the increase of the visits, the number of registered users and due to the analysis of the contents most demanded by the insured and by potential clients, it was necessary to update the design of the web page, adjusting it to the new demands.

The new design included a faster and more intuitive search engine for the medical staff, with the possibility of obtaining results in different formats, lists or maps, and the option of searching depending on the distance, making easier the location of the closest professionals and centres. There has been a relevant increase of users registered in the private area as a result of the new functionalities added, such as the access to copayment.

Asisa is the first insurer that developed an APP allowing the insured to authorize benefits from their smartphone or tablet. More than 62, downloads and an average valuation of 3. The APPs are tools that allow increasing process operational efficiency through a simple and intuitive interaction with clients, covering two essential goals: informing and building loyalty. The new APP place Asisa at the avantgarde of the sector, as it was the first insurer that allowed the insured to authorize benefits or check their card details through a mobile device, a tablet or a smartphone.

The project, completed in all the clinics and hospitals of the Asisa Group and had continuity in medical and dental centres, started to yield profits, incidence reduction, a better control of the software installed and cost control. In the year , Asisa continued the development of its plan to improve administrative process efficiency; we transferred to the Administrative Central Unit the management of the payments agreements per capita and centralized activities to support the insurance business in the branches of Valladolid and Tenerife.

In addition, since October we acquired direct presence at the Principality of Asturias through the opening of a self-owned branch in this region. During the financial year and in order to maintain an appropriate system for internal control, we considered the gradual implantation of a systematic assessment of the control environment composed by the Asisa Consolidated Group.

Internal promotion In the area of human resources, Asisa continued in its policy of internal talent management. We invested all the efforts in this field in detecting, developing and fostering talent within the Organization, training employees within their field and, at the same time, promoting internal mobility to make the most of the resources available. The results produced development plans and training for the job position, developing the polyvalence between persons and positions and training the middle management of the future; and, above all, a considerable increase in productivity.

Innovation in training Online. Collaboration with the Universidad Antonio Nebrija, which provided an added value to the training programmes and granted an official nature to the degree of the Higher Programme on Project Development, besides university credits. An award that recognizes the work of the companies, persons and institutions that carry out an efficient policy to protect the health of their employees. In addition, Asisa decided to reinforce its healthcare service in Asturias with a new medical team that increases both the number of professionals and the centres that had been rendering their services to the insured.

With this extension, we added more than new health professionals, and Asisa has the most complete medical team of the Principality, which includes more than 1, physicians and the main private centres of reference. The opening of the new facilities was held with the presence of the president of Asisa, Dr Francisco Ivorra; and the delegate in Tarragona, Dr Joaquim Montolio, accompanied by several directors and officers of the Company and by different representatives of the healthcare and business fabric of the city of Tarragona.

In the words of Dr Joaquim Montolio Satorra, delegate of Asisa in Tarragona, the new offices are the answer to the trust placed by more and more inhabitants of Tarragona in Asisa. Asisa Dental was essential for the Asisa Group and represented 2. In we started to implement the first changes. Asisa Dental guarantees that all the centres and all the services apply the maximum quality standards. Organization and processes Quality certification.

Asisa Dental received the quality certification ISO that guarantees that all the centres and all the odontology services apply the highest quality standards in the procedures developed by them. It is worth noting the launch of the incubator of ideas Nextinit to promote collaboration and innovation among Asisa Dental professionals. To give an answer to the requirements of the new organizational model, we had to create a human capital area, one of whose functions was to define new positions and responsibilities in the economic-financial area.


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