H as there ever been a performer so sure of himself on stage and so lacking in self-belief off? God knows what he was like before. He predicts the lottery numbers and plays Russian roulette on live TV. He even convinced a man who was scared of flying to emergency-land a plane, and encouraged a law-abiding citizen to carry out an armed robbery. But I'm not sure why. Before we meet, I'm hoping for one thing — to be hypnotised.

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Cancel anytime. Across the millennia, philosophers have thought long and hard about happiness. They have defined it in many different ways and come up with myriad strategies for living the good life.

Drawing on this vast body of work, in Happy Derren Brown explores changing concepts of happiness - from the surprisingly modern wisdom of the Stoics and Epicureans in classical times right up until today, when the self-help industry has attempted to claim happiness as its own.

Learn how Derren astounds fans with his incredible memory. In Confessions of a Conjuror , Derren Brown invites you on a whimsical journey through his unusual mind. Structured around the various stages of a conjuring trick, performed by his younger self in a crowded restaurant, Derren's endlessly engaging narrative takes you from the history of magic, to speculations on the manufacturing of Monster Munch and the correct way to poach an egg, via discussions about psychology, what he hums while cleaning his teeth, and more.

Here Derrren guides you through a coin and a card trick, revealing how you can instantly transform a simple trick into a complex illusion. Learn how you can baffle those around you with mind-blowing magic and employ simple psychological techniques to leave your audience gasping! This book, Hypnotherapy , describes the methods and techniques that he has personally developed and his own beliefs and philosophies on how and why hypnosis works.

His goal in writing this book is to enable anyone to learn how to hypnotize and to use that skill to help themselves and others. Each technique is described simply to enable the listener to learn them easily, and examples of how and when they have been used are also told in this audiobook.

This audiobook is about hypnosis and how to use it effectively. It will teach you what hypnosis is and how to hypnotize both individuals and groups of people anytime and anywhere you choose. No prior experience of hypnosis is required to understand and apply the knowledge in this book.

The techniques are deceptively simple yet incredibly powerful. They are entirely practical and have been road tested over many years, with thousands of people. Loved it but only one chapter at 38 minutes Darren Brown is an amazing illusionist and hypnotist.

This book is brief but solid. A good intro into hypnosis 4 stars. I thoroughly enjoyed the professional and responsible approach this audio is presented. I am adopting all this expert's recommendations. As expected Derren narrates in an engaging and entertaining way. Loved it. It's not really abridged, one quickly realises, when following very carefully measured instructions in an as nonchalantly as exemplary demonstration of mastery.

Would you recommend this audiobook to a friend? If so, why? I don't know if I would necessarily recommend this audiobook, however the performance of the book by Derren and of course written by him means you get a unique perspective on the story. Whilst he doesn't go though how to perform Hypnosis, he does go though the basics of how and why it works the way it does.

Any additional comments? I think if you're either a Derren Brown fan, or interested in Hypnosis, this audiobook is for you. It certainly gives an interesting insight into how Derren, an actual stage performer uses hypnotism. If you're looking for a quick way and verbatim script on how to hypnotise someone, this audiobook isn't really for you, but having said that, Derren does lay down some basics, but doesn't give you a blow by blow on how to Hypnotise a person or people.

If you're looking for an Audio book for? Tricks of the Mind? What this is in its own words is 'Crumbs from the Table of the Master'; it is a taster of some of the best bits of the book in order to whet your appetite for the real thing. This particular section covers Hypnosis. This is better covered in the book e. Although he is brief, the material here can be used effectively to become an amateur hypnotist since all the technique requires is confidence.

As an important aside for motorists such as myself : this section doesn't use any actual hypnotic techniques, so it is alright to use in the car. So, this audio clip is not a complete work-through of? If you, like me, enjoy audio material that is moderately stretching but not as cerebrally painful as Charles Dickens, then this is surprisingly enjoyable.

Either way to use one of the NLP techniques from another section , it is difficult to avoid the allure of the mysterious Derren Brown has received a lot of attention with his Channel 4 TV shows demonstrating the amazing ability to influence people using hypnosis and other psychological techniques.

This book gives an excellent overview of the ideas and concepts of hypnosis and how he uses them. He is very careful to describe the difference between theraputic hypnosis and stage hypnosis and the ethics associated with using these techniques. I don't think a beginner could learn hypnosis from scratch using this book alone. He provides a few excellent examples, but does not describe in sufficient detail the process of putting someone into a hypnotic state.

With this in mind, I found his insight, entertaining, and engaging. I always prefer books read by the author, and this was particularly well read, and I didn't want to turn it off. I highly recommend this book as it offers great ideas on the ethical use of hypnosis and the effects it can have on people. Good book, enjoyable listen. Waaaaay too short..

Darren we need more content for our cash. I can't believe it's actually for sale. Only got 1 chapter amazon is a con Gimme my money back you losers Mest up my day. I find the view's are balenced and fair and the information easy to digest. Derren is a fantastically talented TV and stage performer, part of his attraction is the interaction, care and the respect he has for his subjects.

This short audio book is a glimpse into Derrens well practiced and finely tuned hypnosis techniques. I would have loved if he had done a full verbatim induction, but totally understand why this can't be done, and shouldn't be done in this format. If anyone is genuinely interested in hypnosis, as I am, I fully recommend this book.

By: Derren Brown. Narrated by: Derren Brown. Length: 38 mins. Hypnosis By: Derren Brown. People who bought this also bought Freddy H Jacquin B. Publisher's Summary Learn the key techniques behind successful hypnotism, including the preparation of your subject, inducing a trance and awakening your subject. Derren offers you tips on how to be safe, as well as revealing some of his own experiences on stage- good and bad!

Narrator Happy Derren Brown Memory. What members say Average Customer Ratings Overall. Reviews - Please select the tabs below to change the source of reviews. Amazon Reviews. Sort by:. Most Helpful Most Recent. Filter by:. All stars 5 star only 4 star only 3 star only 2 star only 1 star only. Anonymous User Great but not nearly enough Loved it but only one chapter at 38 minutes Darren Brown!

Craig Quick easy read fun as usual from Derren. Vanessa And begin I thoroughly enjoyed the professional and responsible approach this audio is presented. Amazon Customer Ed Amazing what the Mind can do Would you recommend this audiobook to a friend? Tim An Introduction into how 2 b as cool as Jesus 1 If you're looking for an Audio book for?

Robert Simply Hypnotic Derren Brown has received a lot of attention with his Channel 4 TV shows demonstrating the amazing ability to influence people using hypnosis and other psychological techniques. Deano I was getting into that I can't believe it's actually for sale 3 people found this helpful. Kevin P Orchard Amacon Only got 1 chapter amazon is a con Gimme my money back you losers Mest up my day. Brian A jewel in the crown of interested parties.


How Derren Brown Remade Mind Reading for Skeptics

Derren Brown looks deep into my eyes and smiles. We the viewers were in on the trick those times, but looked on in alarm when Brown seemed to risk blowing his brains out with a pistol and live bullets on Russian Roulette — or astonishment when he predicted the right numbers on How To Win The Lottery. So does that sense of power over people explain why Brown does what he does? The desire to perform was huge, and so was the controlling aspect of it. Derren Brown admits he worried all that mind-bending power was going to his head.


Derren Brown on the time a magic trick went badly wrong

A few days later, I was sitting in a capacity audience at a theatre in Covent Garden. A slim, pale, vulpine man in his mid-thirties, with well-tended light-brown hair and a goatee, came onstage, dressed in a trim black suit and a black shirt. Brown spent the next two and a half hours performing a series of increasingly inconceivable set pieces, organized around the theme of how susceptible we are to hidden influence. He gave demonstrations of subliminal persuasion, lie detection, instant trance induction, and mass hypnosis, as well as manipulation of his own mental state to control his response to pain. To show that participants were selected at random, he hurled a stuffed monkey into the auditorium, and whoever caught it would come up onstage. You can see a later performance of the show on YouTube.

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