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Diaemus youngi White-winged Vampire Bat is a species of bats in the family New World leaf-nosed bats. It is found in the Neotropics and the Nearctic.

It is a carnivore. Individuals can grow to Reproduction is dioecious. Diaemus youngi White-winged Vampire Bat relies on flight to move around. Gallus gallus domesticus. Attribution: Kate E. Fritz, Justin O'Dell, C. David L. Cutts, Janine K. Plaster, Samantha A.

Price, Elizabeth A. Bininda-Emonds, John L. Gittleman, Georgina M. Mace, and Andy Purvis. Ecology Falconiformes diurnal birds of prey. Evapotranspiration ET is the sum of evaporation and plant transpiration from the Earth's land surface to atmosphere. Potential evapotranspiration PET is a representation of the environmental demand for evapotranspiration and represents the evapotranspiration rate of a short green crop, completely shading the ground, of uniform height and with adequate water status in the soil profile.

It is a reflection of the energy available to evaporate water, and of the wind available to transport the water vapour from the ground up into the lower atmosphere. May be described verbally with descriptors including primary producer, herbivore or carnivore. If described numerically, 1 indicates a primary producer, 2 a herbivore, and so on up the food web. Known occurrences, collected specimens and observations of White-winged Vampire Bat.

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White Winged Vampire Bat

The white-winged vampire bat Diaemus youngi , a species of vampire bat , is the only member of the genus Diaemus. They are found from Mexico to northern Argentina and are present on the islands of Trinidad and Margarita. The white-winged vampire bat was described by Dutch zoologist Fredericus Anna Jentink in Charles Grove Young is the eponym for the species name youngi.


White-winged vampire bat

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