Is it a simple 3d api i can use without running blender in the background? Makes it only sence to use it with running blender in background, i. If it runs only with Blender - can i nevertheless thing of it like a full-featuered 3d api? Can i create 3d objects and do with them what i want or can i only access and manipulate objects created in an running blender-project? Would someone please help me?

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Introduction - Using strip - Add a strip - Advanced options -. All that we can see for now in the NLA is a standard action we can modify by moving keys like in action editor, and that is not very exciting.

Until now we have to be careful and precise. Create a NLAStrip is very simple. Action with a default 'fake user' see next paragraph may be reused however. IPOs can be saved though by the following manipulation: 1: Select the armature.

This operation which works with Meshes or Materials provides to the curve a 'fake user' which allows you to save unused object in the. Try to delete an IPO by clicking on the X button aside its name and you will get a beautiful segmentation error with linux. If you do the same with the NLA window closed, nothing bad will happen until you try to re-open it: it will make Blender crash.

The only cure would be to create a new file and append all the elements not connected with NLA, and then try to append the 'risky' elements and test NLA with each of them to track the crashed one. Note: According to Teeth who also reviewed this page, the bug is fixed for 2.


kmz_ImportWithMesh.py Script for Blender Command Injection

The next 3 are written for Lightwave 3D, but they translate smootly and effortless to Blender. Creating Polygon Hair that looks quite real , by Elmar Moelzer. Modeling a T-Shirt as well as any other clothing. Hope this is a good start!!!


Friday Hangout: The Best Tutorial You've Ever Done

A good library of 3d models to use in architectural visualization projects is crucial to speed up the development of any project, and use the modeling time focusing on construction and architectural details of the project. One of the most expected new features developed as part of the SoC for Blender 3d 2. With the full support for COLLADA implemented in Blender 3D, we will be able to use models from one of the largest libraries of 3d models on the internet, the 3d warehouse. There are lots of free high quality furniture models available at the warehouse, even classic furniture models or furniture models based on contemporary design like Herman Miller chairs and IKEA kitchens. If you want to take a look on how the project is evolving, a few test builds of Blender 3D 2. Just to take a look on how things are going, and test the compatibility with furniture models from the warehouse, I downloaded a few furniture models in COLLADA format and tried to import them to Blender 3d.


Exporting a Sumerian Scene to glTF

Do you still remember that one particular Blender tutorial that made you go 'a-HA! The one that made all the pieces in your mind come together and made you fall in love with Blender? Share it here and I'll compile a list of the greatest Blender tutorials of all time ;-. I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender the first one on the internet! I used blender for months without watching tutorials, i experimented, because it was just a fun thing at the beginning. It was about something i couldnt figure out to do in years!

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