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A constitutively active form of Rho1 is expressed under the control of UAS regulatory sequences. Flies expressing Rho1 V Pdf are arrhythmic. Haemocytes bled from homozygous third instar larvae expressing Rho1 V Hemo show a marked increase in the number of filopodia compared to control haemocytes. PS -mediated expression of Rho1 V G1a do not show significant neural vacuolization after 5 days as adults.

G1a do not perform well in a fast phototaxis assay but do not reveal significant neural vacuolization. Pan-neuronal expression of constitutively active Rho1 V G1a does not result in vacuoles in young 5 day old flies. A few vacuoles are detectable in 14 day old flies, in contrast to age-matched controls.

The total size and number of vacuoles are significantly increases in Rho1 V Expression of the constitutively active Rho1 V PF results in dramatic nervous system degeneration in young flies. This affects the development of the retina, causing a smaller and severely rough eye.

The retina is also much thicker in these mutants. Expression of Rho1 V Embryos expressing Rho1 V PS do not show defects in tracheal development. Animals carrying Rho1 V The cells have increased cortical F-actin staining and decreased cytoplasmic actin staining. In some cases, cells appear to be expelled from the epithelium. Clones in the wing expressing Rho1 V Hemolymph clots from third instar larvae expressing Rho1 V PZ show a complete lack of melanization.

Stage 16 embryos expressing Rho1 V HRE , interferes with spiracle-cell invagination. HRE blocks basolateral elongation and impairs cell invagination in the posterior spiracle. Very disorganised and superficially localised Filzkorper are formed in these embryos.

S2 cells expressing Rho1 V PU adopt a contracted morphology. Mutant germ cells successfully transmigrate the posterior midgut during stages 9 and 10 of embryogenesis, but subsequently some germ cells fail to move from the posterior midgut into the mesoderm. When Rho1 V Typically long actin containing fibres extend out of the glial clusters, and there are large expanses of PNS tracts with no glial sheaths whatsoever. The aberrant spike structures of the peripheral glia do not always project along sensory axon pathways.

The lateral line glia fail to extend processes to interconnect between hemisegments and lateral chordotonal PNS glial cells appear collapsed and rounded, although their associated lateral chordotonal neurons appear properly formed. The sensory axon tracts in these mutants appear defasciculated although their pathfinding to the CNS is generally normal. The distance between glia and sensory neuron birthplaces is much greater than the length of growth cones or their filopodial reach.

Sensory axon pathways to the CNS are organized as in wild type, except that the axon tracts are defasciculated. PLu , no adults eclose. Leading edge cells expressing Rho1 V They subsequently take on irregular shapes and are outcompeted during dorsal closure, such that wild-type stripes tend to dominate the leading edge.

Thus, when dorsal closure is complete, the midline seam epithelium is largely wild-type. Lumen formation is blocked at all anastomosis sites in the tracheal system in embryos expressing Rho1 V Tracheal branch migration is modestly attenuated but the pattern of primary and secondary branching is not detectably affected in these embryos. A few adult escapers are seen at 18 o C when Rho1 V These flies have complex mushroom body defects. No abnormality in axonal projections is seen.

There is no change in the total number of mushroom body neurons. Rho1 V UAS , Rho1 V UAS is a non-enhancer of cell migration defective embryonic stage phenotype of pbl 5. PU , cv-c GAP. UAS is a non-suppressor of decreased cell number germline clone maternal effect embryonic stage 15 phenotype of wun2 EPex34 , wun UAS is a non-suppressor of decreased cell number germline clone maternal effect embryonic stage 16 phenotype of wun2 EPex34 , wun UAS is a non-suppressor of increased cell death germline clone maternal effect embryonic stage phenotype of wun2 EPex34 , wun UAS is a non-enhancer of mesoderm phenotype of pbl 5.

UAS is a non-suppressor of germline cell germline clone maternal effect embryonic stage 15 phenotype of wun2 EPex34 , wun UAS is a non-suppressor of germline cell germline clone maternal effect embryonic stage 16 phenotype of wun2 EPex34 , wun PB is a non-suppressor of mesoderm phenotype of pbl unspecified. Expression of constitutively-active Rho1 V PF suppresses the nervous system degeneration and vacuolization seen upon expression of Rho1 V Co-expression of Rho1 V Low levels of expression of Rho1 V Co-expression of fz dsRNA.

The frequency of crossovers across the midline in embryos expressing Rho1 V Co-expression of sqh T20A. PB does not rescue the defects in mesodermal migration see in pbl unspecified homozygous embryos.

The addition of Rho1 V An average of 2. An average of 1. The addition of chic sand-1 to any of Rho1 V Many ventral nerve cord axons either cross the midline or collapse into the midline region. Carried in plasmid "UAS-rho V14 ", transfected into S2 cells and used to study the effect of the protein produced on actin and myosin organisation in the cells. MIST tool updated. Interactive Network Diagrams. Jump to Gene Search FlyBase. Open Close. General Information. Feature type.

Associated Insertion s. Also Known As. Allele class. Nature of the Allele. Fanto, , Lee et al. Mutations Mapped to the Genome. Associated Sequence Data. DNA sequence. Progenitor genotype. Carried in construct. Nature of the lesion. Allele components.

Regulatory region s. Expression Data. Reporter Expression. Additional Information. Marker for. Reflects expression of. Reporter construct used in assay.


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