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Manual zz. Latest information on our products, tips, updates etc. Acrobat Reader is a trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated. All other trademarks referenced are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners, whose protected rights are acknowledged.

Non-compliance is subject to compensation for damages. All rights reserved, including rights created by patent grant or registration of a utility model or design.

Subject to availability and technical modifications. Downloaded from LpManual. Are you missing information? Notational conventions. Safety information. Energy saving. Energy saving under Windows. Information sources. Travelling with your notebook. Before you travel.

Transporting the Notebook. Cleaning the Notebook. Unpacking and checking your notebook. Selecting the location. Connecting the power adapter. Switching the notebook on for the first time. Switching on the Notebook. Switching off the Notebook. Status indicators. Virtual numeric keypad.

Key combination. Country and keyboard settings. Touchpad and touchpad buttons. Using touchpad buttons. LCD screen. Information on the LCD screen. Screen settings. Charging, caring for and maintaining the battery. Removing and installing the battery.

Using the power-management features. Hard disk. Adjusting the volume. Radio componenets Wireless LAN. Ethernet and LAN. Brief overview of security functions. Using Kensington Lock. Password protection of operating system.

Connecting an external monitor. Setting the refresh rate for your external monitor. Connecting USB devices. Connecting external audio devices. Connecting an external device to S-Video Out. Activating the TV receiver. Notes on installing and removing boards and components. Removing and installing the hard disk.

Removing the hard disk. Installing the hard disk. Adding memory. Installing and removing the memory expansion modules. Removing cover. Removing memory modules. Installing a memory module. Attaching the cover. Load Setup Default — Copy default values. Restoring installed software. Restoring the operating system, drivers, manuals and special software.

The LCD screen is difficult to read. The external monitor remains blank. The external monitor is blank or the image is unstable. The notebook stops working. The printer does not print. The radio connection to a network does not work. Mains adaptor 65W or 90W. Disposal and recycling. Declarations of Conformity. Copyright-protected technology. CE marking. Innovative technology Your notebook is available in several different versions. Most of the sections in this manual apply to all models — any differences are indicated separately.

Some of the illustrations and features in this manual may differ from your model and are for guidance only. The "optional" components described in this manual are only available on some versions of the device and must be selected directly when purchasing. At the time of publication of this manual, it is not yet possible to state whether the "device-specific" components and functions described in this manual are available for your version of the device.

If you have purchased a notebook with a Microsoft Windows operating system, this is pre-installed and optimally configured for you. The notebook is ready to use immediately the first time you switch it on. Your notebook features the very latest technology so that you get the best performance from your computing experience. Please contact our Technical Support for information on approved memory modules.

This operating manual tells you how to put your AMILO into operation, and how to operate it in daily use. An overview with further information about your notebook can be found in "Information sources", Page 5.

Notational conventions Pay particular attention to text marked with this symbol. Failure to observe this warning will endanger your life, will damage the device or lead to loss of data. The warranty will be invalidated if you cause defects in the device through failure to take notice of this warning indicates important information that is required to use the device properly.

Windows or setup. It gives an overview of the displays and connections on the notebook. Please familiarise yourself with these components before you start to work with your notebook. The other notes provide helpful information on your notebook. Safety information Notes Safetyinformation Please note the safety information provided in the "Safety" manual and in the safety notes below. Observe the sections in the manual marked with the symbol on the left. When connecting and disconnecting cables, observe the relevant notes in this operating manual.

Read the information on the ambient conditions in "Technical data", Page 55 and the chapter "Using your notebook for the first time", Page 8 before preparing your notebook for use and switching it on for the first time. When cleaning the device, please observe the relevant notes in "Cleaning the Notebook", Page 7.

If you have a notebook with a wireless component, you must also observe the additional safety precautions for devices with wireless components in the "Safety" manual. Please refer to the notes in the chapter "Removing and installing components during servicing", Page


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Fujitsu-Siemens ESPRIMO Mobile V5535


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