Ruiz Alvarado, Ines Las secuelas de las esterilizaciones forzadas en el gobierno de Fujimori: La lucha por el reconocimiento KAR id: This thesis focuses the long- term consequences of the so-called "Campaigns of Voluntary Surgical Contraception". The campaigns for VSC took place within a deeply rooted racist discourse from the state and urban society that claims indigenous women have no control over their fertility.

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To download a PDF version of this article, click here. Forced sterilizations in Peru started as a means to reduce poverty within the country. At least 18 women died as a consequence of poorly performed sterilization procedures.

In , she was coerced with the prospect of food and healthcare by Peruvian Health Ministry workers. Once brought to the local clinic, she was anaesthetized, and woke up in a room full of crying women with their abdomens sewn after tubal ligation, as was her own. The alleged investigations, apologies, and compensation did not reach the majority of the victims. After the heinous nature of the mass sterilizations came to light, Keiko Fujimori, the daughter of Alberto Fujimori and former presidential candidate of Peru, claimed that medical practitioners, not the Fujimori administration, were to blame for the sterilization campaign.

Despite the resilient pursuit of justice by grassroots activists and human rights organizations, the country has yet to deliver an apology or compensation to the majority of the victims. In fact, the country has witnessed more than 2, individual cases of forced sterilization, and medical practitioners have testified that they were ordered by the government to carry out these procedures.

In the eyes of the international community and human rights organizations, such a policy was clearly a systematic violation of human rights committed by the Peruvian government.

The time is overdue for the Peruvian government to recognize the human rights travesty that went unaddressed for so long.

The country should reopen the case to prosecute all of the human rights violators, including Alberto Fujimori and his health ministers, so they can formally apologize, compensate the victims, and ultimately, resolve one of the worst cases of impunity in Latin America. Please accept this article as a free contribution from COHA, but if re-posting, please afford authorial and instituitonal attribution. Exclusive rights can be negotiated. For additional news and analysis on Latin America, please go to LatinNews.

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