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BOB RICKARD presents the first part of a survey of tales concerning the levitation and teleportation of children — including abductions by fairies and ghosts, cases of mediumistic and shamanistic flight, and spontaneous supernatural abilities. Who was this masked man? You can manage your existing subscription through www.

Air Business Ltd is acting as our mailing agent. Member of the Audit Bureau of Circulations. Each of these pieces will bring back happy memories for those who loved John or treasured his work, and we hope they will inspire newcomers to pick up one of his many books. Full details and tickets at www. The experiments look at a. Obviously, the more people get involved and share their results both positive and negative , the bigger the data set Gordon will end up with.

Visit www. However,Velikovsky was solely concerned with the planetsVenus, Mars and in an unpublished manuscript Saturn on unusual orbits, not with Planet X. FT Neil Woolley emailed to point up an error in our follow-up coverage of the Croydon Cat Killer, pointing out that Brighton is part of the unitary authority of the city of Brighton and Hove.

Prior to that it was in East Sussex, but it has never been in West Sussex. The marks include double Vs, believed to signify the Virgin Mary Virgin of Virgins , PM Pace Maria , crosses — and diagonal lines, boxes and mazes, thought to be symbols for capturing or trapping evil.

They appear to have been added to over time. That may indicate the desire to strengthen protection against evil spirits in response to death, unexpected sickness and poor crops. Legend has it that one of the caves once provided a hideout for Robin Hood.

One particularly frenzied collection of marks was carved around a 4ft 1. You could think of the witch marks as worry lines that demonstrate the anxieties of the time. I think off the top of my head, it is the largest number of examples found anywhere and in any context in the UK. They persisted until the early 19th century.

Is YouTube turning people into conspiracy theorists? Starting from a news piece about a spat between Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi, the algorithm took only nine clicks to get to a QAnon video piece. By presenting this material in a light-hearted way, or presenting it as intellectual debate, the AIN can introduce more people to ideas and opinions not aired in the mainstream.

So, are we all being dragged off to Hell in an emoticon-adorned handbasket? It also attributes a great deal of power to both the alt-right and the algorithmic magnets of the online behemoths, to the point where researchers seem to say that it is impossible for most mere browsing mortals to resist them.

The cats were introduced to combat rodents on ships in the area, but remained on the island and reproduced in large numbers. Estimates place the current population at around cats compared to a human population of just nine. As in many rural areas of Japan, large numbers of residents have left the community to seek better job prospects in cities and the people now remaining, and feeding the cats, are all pensioners.

On 16 September, an ice block crashed through the roof of a bungalow near Tonbridge in Kent, leaving a large hole. Another bungalow was holed by ice on 29 September, this time in Cramond, an Edinburgh suburb. The hole in the tiles was a metre square. While watching TV around Mail, 6 Oct; mirror. One was by writer Ricky D Phillips, who described a creature with a 4ft 1. Star, 19 Dec; Sun, 22 Dec Tejada Abulhasan jumped into a river and bit a crocodile that had his year-old son Diego in its jaws.

Diego escaped with a few scars. Metro, 30 Jan If not today, then tomorrow methods and technology could appear that will not just provide access to all information but will also allow the use of this information.

Do you imagine what power will be concentrated in the hands. BBC News, coasttocoastam. Telegraph, 9 Jan Two schoolgirls aged 11 and 12 plotted to kill their classmates, dismember them, and drink their blood before committing suicide.

The girls, from Bartow Middle School in Florida, were found with four knives, a goblet and a pizza cutter. BBC News, 29 Nov Out of the corner of his eye, he had spotted what he thought was a boulder tumbling down a steep slope and onto the road — but then he saw it was a massive creature. Gary reckons it weighed close to lb kg. He was so tall, he had to reach down to hit the truck. Just before he hit the truck, he grunted. Had Trevor been blown in on a storm, or arrived by boat?

Sadly, he died after being attacked by dogs. Mail, D. He was hairy, he had hair probably two inches long all over his body He had a round face, like a chimpanzee.

Yowie sightings in the region peaked in In October , about 20 school students, on a camp at Springbrook, reported seeing a Yowie twice and measuring its footprints. The Kuku Yalanji tribe of far north Queensland claims to have coexisted with the Yowie for centuries; they have a long and detailed history of Yowie attacks in their legends. According to the news reports for this latest sighting, the. Dean Harrison is sure the Yowies are out there, having tracked scores of sightings across Australia for the past 20 years.

He said he has twice been attacked by a Yowie. Reported sightings have also increased recently in Western Australia around the Mandurah area. It might have blown in from southern Europe, or arrived as a stowaway. Meanwhile in Surrey, a gardener observed a 4cm 1. Times, 24 Oct The new model was published in the Journal of Astronomy and Astrophysics. Telegraph, 6 Dec A year-old homeless man was observed having sex with a dying beaver that had been struck by a car near Kennewick, Washington.

Searched by police, the unnamed man was found in possession of methamphetamine. Telegraph, 9 Nov Last autumn, homes were being sought for eight apple tree saplings grown from seeds taken aboard the International Space Station by Tim Peake. Telegraph, 12 Sept It was a rare white porpoise. Telegraph, 20 Aug Telegraph, 1 Dec February, police were called to the A between Malborough and South Milton in Devon, where they found a car upsidedown in a ditch.

But the scientists go on to make an extraordinary claim concerning octopuses, which seem to have evolved on Earth quite rapidly around million years ago, million years after the Cambrian explosion.

The transformative genes. One plausible explanation, in our view, is that the new genes are likely new extraterrestrial imports to Earth — most plausibly as an already coherent group of functioning genes within say cryopreserved and matrix protected fertilised Octopus eggs. Ecstasy commonly makes people feel very happy, extraverted, and particularly interested in physical touch. Might it have a similar effect on octopuses? Their study was published in Current Biology 20 Sept They found that octopuses do have genes that seem to code for serotonin transporters, proteins responsible for moving.

Without MDMA, the octopuses would approach their caged colleague cautiously. When on E, they became all touchy-feely. There are limitations to the study, of course. Two-year-old Eric Nica was supposed to be having a routine op on 17 December to treat his left undescended testicle; but surgeons in Bristol damaged his healthy right testicle by mistake, leaving him effectively castrated. Around one per cent of boys need treatment for undescended testicles; otherwise they risk infertility and cancer.

Sun, 22 Dec; Sunday People, 23 Dec Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera, 59, a Miami city councillor and Republican Congressional candidate, claims that when she was seven, blond Christ-like aliens took her on board a UFO, where she learned that Africa was the energy centre of the world, that a cave in Malta hid 30, non-human skulls, and that the famous coral castle in South Florida is actually an ancient Egyptian pyramid.

Since then, she has remained telepathically in touch with aliens. It was 21in 53cm long and weighed 23oz g , about twice as big as a normal rat.

Mail, 20 Nov Serotonin is the molecule generally considered to be responsible for feeling good. When humans take MDMA, it binds to serotonin transporter proteins and changes the way serotonin travels between brain cells, probably producing the warm and fuzzy high and perhaps the increased extraversion that the drug is known for.

Another chamber housed an octopus male or female stuck in an overturned plastic basket and the third had an object unfamiliar to the creatures, such as a toy. The researchers then measured how long each animal spent in the company of its peer and how long it spent with the toy. The second time in the tank, the animals were dunked in an MDMA solution that allowed them to absorb the drug through their gills. Octopuses appear to have evolved surprising rapidly.


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