Evaluasi fungsi penglihatan visus, lapang pandang, dan gerak bola mata. Evaluasi kelainan fisik karena kelainan hormonal :. Adenoma hipofise dapat diklasifikasikan berdasarkan aktivitas hormonalnya dan ukurannya. Adenoma dibagi berdasarkan hormone yang diproduksi :.

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Acromegaly is a disease with unique clinical manifestations. Its confirmatory diagnosis, however, requires basal and dynamic tests of growth hormone secretion. The measurement of circulating levels of somatomedin C has been a valuable addition to the diagnostic armamentarium.

We review the etiology of acromegaly, with particular reference to the different histochemical and ultrastructural forms of somatotropic adenomas and their respective clinical behaviors. Ectopic sources of growth hormone-releasing hormone and of growth hormone itself are now well-recognized, though unusual, causes of acromegaly.

The treatment of acromegaly is often problematic and far from uniformly successful. Initial enthusiasm for the results of surgical treatment has now been tempered by reports of increasing rates of recurrence on long-term follow-up. The roles of irradiation and pharmacotherapy are reviewed with particular emphasis on the use of bromocriptine, which has added a new dimension to the control of the somatic and metabolic manifestations of hypersomatotropism.

Studies have been done recently using a long-acting somatostatin analog with encouraging results. National Center for Biotechnology Information , U. Journal List West J Med v. West J Med. Fagin , MD. Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Copyright notice. Abstract Acromegaly is a disease with unique clinical manifestations. The chemistry of growth hormone and the lactogenic hormones. Recent Prog Horm Res.

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Acromegaly and Cushing's syndrome associated with a foregut carcinoid tumor. Acromegaly associated with a bronchial carcinoid tumor: evidence for ectopic production of growth hormone-releasing activity.


Adenoma Hipofisis (ICD-10:D35.2)

Article Info Publish Date 30 Oct Abstract Akromegali merupakan penyakit akibat produksi growth hormone secara berlebihan dan umumya disebabkan oleh adenoma kelenjar hipofisis. Insidensi akromegali pertahunnya mencapai 5 kasus per 1 juta orang dengan prevalensi 60 kasus per 1 juta orang. Manifestasi klinis pada tiap pasien berbeda, tergantung dari kadar dari growth hormone, insulin-like growth factor-1, usia pasien, ukuran tumor, dan keterlambatan diagnosis. Pasien dengan akromegali telah dilaporkan memiliki tingkat mortalitas dan morbiditas yang tinggi, peningkatan angka kematian pada umumnya terkait dengan komplikasi kelainan kardiovaskular, serebrovaskular dan masalah respirasi.


Acromegaly Update—Etiology, Diagnosis and Management


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