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It is recommended to recite the highly meritorious Hizb an-Nasr to invoke Allah's help, blessing and guidance for people who are in need in the Ummah. Indeed it has benefit and concealed secrets in it for those who recite. The Crusaders were trying to invade through the city of Mansura. This Hizb is also called as-Saif as-shadhili The sword of shadhili. This highly potent du'a was recited by renowned Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Nasir and across Morocco, and inspired resistance to the French Occupation.

So powerful was it that the French President had to issue an order banning its recitation from the mosques. Moroccans date the movement to return King Muhammad from that outlawing of the du'a. It is appropriate to the present state of the Ummah. Here is the recount Shaykh Abul Hasan from the Orison of The School of the Shadhdhuliyyah, volume one: On the day of the battle he Shaykh Abul Hasan mounted his best horse and had one of the muridun hand him up his sword.

When he had his sword to hand he asked for another, and with a sword in his right hand and a sword in his left hand he rode into battle. When asked later, given his deteriorating eyesight, how he could have ridden into battle and so honourably acquitted himself on the battle field he simply pointed to his heart saying: "If the eye of the heart sees clearly what need is there for my eyes?

The desire of the King was to bring down and subdue Islam in a final decisive battle. The combined forces of the West were fully prepared to attack Misr Egypt in a battle that is often compared with the Battle of the Trench ghazwatul kahndaq. The shaykh had a profound veridical dream ru'ya just before the battle where he was given a vision of a huge tent, an expansive pavilion mounting into the sky, light shone upon it and it was teeming with heavenly people.

When asked in the dream, to whom this tent belong, it was said, "To the Prophet of Allah, peace and blessings upon him. King Louis lost despite superior military power and he was captured in the battle along side with many of his generals.

Allah gave the Muslims victory. Nasr min Allahi wa fathun Qarib, wa Bashiril Muminin. Help is from Allah and Victory is Near. Give good news to the believers. Listen to the prayer Listen to the prayer in mp3 Prayer in Arabic Another translation Prayer in Arabic with translation in pdf.


Selected Supplications (Hizb al-Nasr of Haddad and Hizb al-Nasr of Shadhili)



Hizbul Bahr & Hizbul Nasr



Read this dua for Gaza: Hizb al-Nasr


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