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Remember Me? RAdian Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 15 of My came from a studio-basement only stored for custom replacing-requirement,so they are like NOS! Now i read about the replacing Radian drivers with aluminium diaphragm and Mylar surrounding.

Ok there is no need for a replace ,but some people said the Radians are more "refined" sounding and have less distortion because of lower mass. Somebody compared??? Cheers notengewirr. Radians are well-made alternatives The Radian diaphragms hold the promise of a smoother sound quality with the inherently better resonance-damping qualities of aluminum as compared to Ti, and the Mylar surrounds on the Radian avoids aluminum surrounds' inherent weakness of work-hardening from high-output flexing which led to cracking and diaphragm failure - the reason JBL switched from Al to Ti as a diaphragm material in the '70's.

I just bought a pair of Radian for use in JBL drivers. The Radian diaphragm F. I will start a thread on the project and the listening tests when I get the drivers back and start on the project after the New Year. Originally Posted by notengewirr. Hi, i'm a german newbie here and since last week i own a very nice pair of JBL Well do you want 's or something else??

Top end is similar the Ti's. I noticed there are holes instead of slots in my phase plugs. I only heard the plugs with slots are cheeper to produce. Is there a audible difference? The Mylar surrounding looks like a simple plastic disc with eight holes in it.

As far as I know, that looks like a phase plug. I wonder, did the early model 's have H drivers in them? JBL made a H with that phase plug. All 7 of my H drivers have the radial slit phase plugs.

I have only seen pictures or heard about the H phase plug with the holes. I posted the pics from an ebay auction here on another thread a few years ago, asking what they were. Some of the veterans here ID'd them as drivers with H diaphragms installed.

D8R diaphragms use aluminum voice coil wire. I have never seen ferrofluid in any JBL drivers, including the ones I have that the diaphragms are labelled H I also own 4 H drivers, and it's phase plug has radial slits. However, the dome of the phase plug is not as high as the previous models, and the diaphragm is built to match- it will not fit on H drivers because the phase plug of the sits too high.

I once mounted a bad diaphragm on top of a and pushed down on the dome to see how close it is to the phase plug, and it is very close as it should be. When I mounted the bad diaphragm to the H and pushed on it, the space between the diaphragm and phase plug was MUCH greater, perhaps times as much as on the definitely not right. Those "aftermarket" diaphragms that claim to fit , , and drivers, are correct only in that they don't hit the phase plug, but that is it.

Besides, the diaphragm is thinner than the and the surround is different too. I can't imagine an aftermarket diaphragm sounding anywhere near right in a -but they "fit". Hi Rudy, interesting! Speak of the devil and the devil shows up! Do we all have s My are from and really originally fitted ,nothing was changed. Only a few weeks ago,my best friend bought another pair of He screwed open his with same result.

Phaseplug with holes ,like mine. Exactly the same. His are stamped Both have the same original titanium D8R fitted. One of his diaphragms doesn't fit exactly on the driver-plate. There was a little space and he had problems to center the diaphragm exactly. We noticed this before,because the Horn produced a "farting" sound by playing Bass-Sinus signals.

These farting sounds comes out of the Horn-Front. So he covered the little hole on the back site of the diaphragm. The noise has gone. In two days he will receive his Radians,then i will check his Drivers again Ok, then JBL must have matched the crossovers for these early Versions here is a pic from my crossover:. Last edited by notengewirr; at PM. Reason: Edit. Good question Speak of the devil? The was last produced in and used a H-1 according to JBL service documentation.

Perhaps the early production models used a H before the -1 variant. The Brochure posted on jblpro. That being said, I suppose it is possible that the model progression could be as follows: H: round holes through phase plug, copper coil on diaphragm H: round holes through phase plug, aluminum coil on diaphragm H annular slits into exponential flare phase plug a la x drivers, aluminum coil on diaphragm.

This is only my educated guess and not to be construed as fact. Considering that your 's and your friends'? I can't speak for the dates or original diaphragms on my drivers, as all of mine were bought used. But I know all 7 drivers have the phase plug with annular slits.

Thinking about it, I need to clarify that the drivers I saw on ebay a few years ago were listed as H, but as we all know, the driver itself isn't marked -only the diaphragm. Last edited by Rudy Kleimann; at PM. Reason: Restructured post for clarity. I recall noticing the different DCR on my diaphragm compared to What the actual impedance is over the frequency range is another matter.

I too have wondered about that. I suppose that the LF driver could pressure up the cabinet high enough and long enough at very low frequencies to modulate the HF diaphragm through that vent hole.

Ok, thank you Rudy , i think you're right. It fits perfectly,so i don't worry about. This weekend i will measure the DC of my friend Driver too.

Vent Hole. Originally Posted by Rudy Kleimann. A bit less top end than the later drivers with slit phase plug. I saw a lot of coming out of cabinets. Seems that they where used by JBL in earlier models. I frequently recommend the alumnium replacements from Radian.

They really sound smoother than the Ti's. Well someday we will have Beryllium replacements Notengewirr, are you satisfied with the refoam Happy new year to all, Guido. Hi, today i swapped back to my original titanium D8R Guido yes! Neat Work! Originally Posted by grumpy. Vented surround? I didn't know the Radian 's had holes in the surround! Perhaps it is for equalizing pressure, as you guessed. Makes sense. Would also prevent the woofer and cabinet from modulating the diaphragm like it was doing in your case.

That farting sound you heard was probably the diaphragm crashing into the phase plug. Not good I haven't actually seen my pair of Radians 's yet, as they are with a fellow LHS member who received, installed, and ran F. I'll have to take a look for myself when they come home. My LHS friend and I have been discussing the 4" diaphragm ferrite drivers having reliefs cut into the top plate that allow air to travel from one side of the diaphragm to the other. We were a bit puzzled by its' purpose I joked about it being a tuned port for the rear chamber.


JBL 2416H-1 High Frequency Driver

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JBL 2416H Compression Driver Horn 50 Watt Complete throat flare 2416-1 Pro Live Sound EV 1


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