John Kanary is a leading personal and professional development coach who dedicated over 42 years of his life to increase effectiveness, unlocking potential and inspiring change, courage, commitment and tremendous results. John has inspired thousands of individuals from all walks of life to understand and to realize their true potential. Imagine starting a dealership for an international office products company and becoming recognized just three years later as the number one dealership worldwide. Imagine entering the insurance profession and becoming the number one agent in a field of 12, throughout North America in just one year.

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John Kanary kicked off the SuccessNet Summit with a very powerful, fast-moving and thought-provoking presentation. John laid out a plan that can help any of us break through our limitations in order to achieve greater results days from now. The goal card John handed out is memorable and comes in a protective sleeve so that you can carry it around with you. The key to the card is having a definite major goal written on the card. Do you have a goal card? Do you want to accomplish 10 times more in the next year than you have in the last year?

Afterward, John shared with us the 5 Basic Principles we can all benefit from by integrating them into our daily actions:. Knowing exactly what you want and why you want it. Non-Negotiable Commitment. You need to cement your love of action. Decide upon something and then commit to actions that will move you closer to it each day.

Most people fall down when they are not doing what they know they should on a regular basis. John asked us if the standards we have for ourselves are acceptable. You have only one decision to make and that is to choose. He urged us to choose a new path, make a definite decision. Once we do so, the answers we need will begin showing up.

But that will only come when you quit lying to yourself. Perhaps today is that day for you? The quote highlights our need to claim personal responsibility for our knowledge, choices and actions.

It is our job to seek out the training, coaching and answers we need to help move forward in life. John described this as the 40 hours per week for 40 years of work plan. John mentioned this was a phrase that Earl himself shared many times with his employees. It certainly made me assess whether I am risking things for my dreams, goals and desires or playing it safe hoping to just get by. The audience asked John to repeat this again and explain it.

John mentioned that we start out sometimes forcing ourselves to do something to move us towards our goal. After a while and with enough consistency, we begin to want to continue doing the actions until the actions become a part of us. I can personally think of many people who have completed massive physical transformations having gone from obese to amazingly fit.

Fitness and healthy living for these folks are now a way of life, not something they just did to drop 60 pounds and then revert back to the poor habits that got them out of shape and overweight. This brief summary certainly cannot replace the energy and synergy that John brought to the attendees of the SuccessNet Summit, but the key nuggets of wisdom above could be part of your personal growth and business transformation in the coming year.

John closed his presentation by noting that we will never improve beyond the current self-image we have of ourselves. He urged us all to work on improving the image we hold of ourselves and to break through the limitations we set for ourselves over the next days! Privacy Policy. We don't tolerate SPAM and promise to keep your email safe.

Click here to see how premium membership can benefit you. Clarity - Knowing exactly what you want and why you want it. Non-Negotiable Commitment - You need to cement your love of action. Consistency - Most people fall down when they are not doing what they know they should on a regular basis. Standards - John asked us if the standards we have for ourselves are acceptable.

John laid out for us that choice is where we can begin the seeking process. Watch for more speaker highlights in the days ahead. Shane Fielder is The Innovative Samurai. He may be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Resource Center. Top 10 Categories.


John Kanary

There is an interesting story concerning John Kanary, which would be very appropriate to share with you here, since it illustrates both the power of "imaging", as well as "persistence". Although I had known John Kanary for a couple of years and had talked with him on many occasions, I certainly did not know him as intimately as I do at the time of this writing. It is important that I bring this out here, as I will be referring back to it shortly. The incident I am about to relate, took place in







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