Skip Global Navigation Jump to section navigation. Determining which legal texts are "canonical" in Islamic law is a subjective exercise; to present exhaustive coverage would be impossible and, more likely than not, the result would prove frustrating for the non-specialist. This list includes early texts, from the formative period of each Sunni school, as well as later authoritative texts from the classical period, and a few modern items. Because some of the Arabic texts have been published many times, I have not included information on specific editions. The texts are generally, but not always, divided into "books", with the relevant information included in a "Book of Marriage" Kitab al-Nikah and "Book of Divorce" Kitab al-Talaq.

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Ethiopia Amhara. Welcome to islamicbook. This is a list of significant books of Sunni Islam doctrine. Plz Aap voice me aur hadith ke sath jawab do to achcha hemere dost to sunana hai. Sahih Al Bukhari Hadees no. Nikah to karwa doon pehlay koi molvi to jannat me aaye.

Sahih bukhari kitab ul nikah in urdu pdf Sahih al bukhari hadith urdu screenshot. Qura'n aur sahih al-bukhari sharif aur dusre ahadis ki roshni ba hawala..

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Kitab Al Nikah, Used

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Sahih bukhari kitab ul nikah in urdu pdf islamic books

An Islamic marriage contract is a formal, binding contract considered an integral part of an Islamic marriage , and outlines the rights and responsibilities of the groom and bride or other parties involved in marriage proceedings. In Sunni Islam, a marriage contract must have at least two witnesses. Proper witnessing is critical to the validation of the marriage, also acting as a protection against suspicions of adulterous relationships. In Shia Islam, witnesses to a marriage are deemed necessary, but in case are not available then the two parties may conduct the nikah between themselves. Marriages are usually not held in mosques, depending on the country and culture of both where the marriage happens and the parties involved because typically men and women are separated during the ceremony and reception. Islam doesn't authorize any official clergy, so any Muslim who understands the Islamic tradition can be the official for the wedding. Among the stipulations that can be included in the marriage contract include giving up, or demanding, certain responsibilities.

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