Saturday 8th September. Celebrate Culture Night with us! We start already at am with Storytelling for Children. Last out is Helena Dahlgren with horrors at At And, lastly: our grand finale at

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Culture Night is a city festival and a celebration of culture,. Exciting programmes for adults and children take place indoors and on the street throughout Uppsala. The whole family can listen — and dance!

This is a night when you can choose between over events to experience. In this folder we present a small selection of everything there is to do and see on Culture Night. Welcome to a magical night in Uppsala! Lindy hop performance and other swing dancing. We use elements from oriental dance, kathak and other Indian dance forms, fl amenco, modern, street and hip hop, among others.

It is an expressive and visually exciting dance form! Gluntarna is a collection of 30 duets to be performed in chamber music style by two baritone voices supported by piano.

The songs and text, composed by Gunnar Wennerberg in the s, approach the life of Uppsala students with vivid descriptions and insight.

The themes of local patriotism, failed love, fi nancial problems, slow studies, pub visits etc, are amazingly up-to-date even years later! Translations of 24 of these duets into English have been done by Michael Roberts , and can be found on www. Come and try it out. Lots of color; mysterious and fascinating. Inspired by Italian Renaissance vocal polyphony and written for an octagonal banqueting hall, Spem in alium Hope in any other could create with its pure harmonies a great stereo effect even as early as the s.

Dreampack Creative Industries presents a collective of young talented artists. Prepare for an hour of the next generation of Swedish artists. FILM — Fyrisbiografen Address: S:t Olofsgatan 10 — African documentary Difficult Love A documentary about the photographer Zanele Muholi, and her passion to document her society and reality as a black lesbian woman.

She calls herself a visual activist, and her goal is to effect change. What is the role of art and how much can she really change, living and working in a country where many are convinced that homosexuality is un-African English subtitles.

The cassawa metaphor by Lionel Meta, Kamerun. The last passenger by Mounes Khammar, Algeria. Pale red by Mohammed Hammad, Egypt. English subtitles. Rahul falls for the peppy Anjali, which displeases his father. Performance every hour on the hour. Tickets 75 SEK and are on sale at Slottsbiografen. The programme is 40 minutes long and will be shown three times.

The screenings start at , and All fi lms have subtitles or dialogue in English. Tickets 30 SEK and are on sale at Spegeln.

More information about the program is available on www. Lots of great deals throughout the evening. The second part, Hrafnir, was released this spring.

The images are painted, collected, assembled and composed by members. Here are portraits of famous people active in the struggle for universal equality and against prejudice and discrimination, but also demonstration images, bookmarks, abstract compositions, rainbow fl ags Everyone gets a prize, as long as there is something left of the exhibition! New tools and new ways of expression are added to the more traditional ways of creating art.

In the land of forest, time or space do not exist. Various exhibitions, on four fl oors, about the emergence of Uppsala and years of prehistoric Uppland. But which people should be allowed to be a part of the new, modern age Some scientists began examining people and pondering our characteristics and which characteristics were hereditary. The y began asking themselves which people were superior and which people were inferior. This reading chair was unique for the times and Linnaeus incorporated exceptional personality and comfort in its design.

He used it as both a study chair and a pulpit for lessons and lectures. Its uses, then as now, are many. Free tickets in the Cathedral Shop. Take a ride by steam train and railcar out of town and into the countryside. Prize depends on destination. In China, there are all kinds of variations: soft, hard, dried, smoked, fermented, fried and more.

Come and taste fi ve different kinds of tofu with us. The n you can order your favorite tofu dish. International performances with songs and music from Afghanistan and Iran and folk dances from Latin America. The house is open, come and play with the cats and get face-painted. Suitable for children from 5 years. Opportunity to try it for yourself and talk to experienced instructors after the show.

Come experience oriental dance perhaps better known as belly dance and be fascinated by how many different styles there are. Culture Night is a city festival and a celebration of culture, manifested by local cultural workers, institutions, amateurs and their organisations.

Uppsala municipality coordinates the entire festival and the participants are responsible for funding and creating their own programmes — most of them free of charge for the public.

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