In the late nineteenth century, the city saw a massive population boom and large-scale urban development. With these changes came rampant crime, a chaotic environment in the streets, and intense class conflict. In response, the state expanded institutions that were intended to bring about social order and control. Lila Caimari is an Independent Researcher at the National Scientific and Technical Research Council in Argentina, where she studies and teaches the history of crime, journalism, and urban culture. Acknowledgments Abbreviations Introduction 1.

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She is also the author of numerous articles and book chapters about the social and cultural history of modern Argentina. She currently works on the history of news in Latin America. Hispanic American Historical Review 1 November ; 96 4 : — This essay examines newspapers in late nineteenth-century Buenos Aires in order to analyze the effects of the submarine telegraph cable.

After a brief description of the cable's installation, I analyze how international news was circulated, focusing particularly on the role of Havas, the first European press agency to provide such news to South America. The analysis focuses on two dimensions of the submarine cable's effect: changes in the spatial breadth of news coverage, and the acceleration of news circulation.

In critical dialogue with the scholarly literature on this topic, the essay argues that the incorporation of the press into the submarine cable network was part of a long process that introduced extremely fragmented representations of the world and placed new reading demands on South American news consumers.

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Hispanic American Historical Review 96 4 : — Abstract This essay examines newspapers in late nineteenth-century Buenos Aires in order to analyze the effects of the submarine telegraph cable.

Issue Section:. You do not currently have access to this content. Sign in. Client Account. You could not be signed in. Sign In Forgot password? Don't have an account? Sign in via your Institution Sign In. Buy This Article. View Metrics. Citing articles via Web Of Science 3. Google Scholar. Email alerts Latest Issue. The Telegraph : Radical Transmission in the s.

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Las relaciones entre el peronismo y la Iglesia Catolica han sido motivo de grandes debates. Quienes estudiaron la experiencia justicialista clasica se refirieron al tema al menos dos veces: la primera para explicar que la Iglesia apoyo la candidatura de Juan Domingo Peron en ; la segunda para decir que su caida en fue provocada o precipitada por un enfrentamiento con la Iglesia. El impacto del peronismo sobre el mundo catolico fue complejo y en ningun caso reductible a los simples terminos de alianza o conflicto. La impronta de los cambios sociales y politicos ocurridos a partir de altero el papel de la Iglesia ante el Estado y la sociedad. Cual fue a partir de entonces el lugar de la religion en un movimiento de base predominantemente obrera y fuerte liderazgo carismatico? Como incidio el catolicismo en la genesis y el desarrollo de la doctrina justicialista?


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