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Start selling. What can this multidisciplinary approach can bring to your business? Do you need it? The goals of Terotechnology are therefore to optimize the installation, operation, and maintenance of equipment thanks to expertise in management, engineering, and finance.

It begins with a plant design and a selection of the required item. Then comes its manufacturing or installation followed with its commissions, operations, and maintenance. After this, Terotechnology includes its removal, sale, disposal, dismantling, decommissioning or retirement. First of all, this approach offers many benefits such as a better maintenance and a higher reliability of plant and equipment.

Then, you will get a better evaluation of costs of maintenance and repair and lessers breakdowns among the equipment. Finally, Terotechnology also improves the quality and the efficiency of operations, and the communication between suppliers, producers, and customers. Many variables come into play and must be estimated in order to perform different calculations.

Without the application of Terotechnology, the company approaches the life cycle of an asset in an ad hoc and non-cyclical manner, which can lead its business to a very difficult situation. The goal is to minimize the costs associated with the asset in the future. These costs can include maintenance, engineering, wages payable to operate the equipment, operating costs and also disposal costs. This content is brought to you by Exapro , the online marketplace for used machinery.

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Terotechnology: what is it? Definition and goals

Terotechnology is a practice that leverages management, engineering, and financial expertise to optimize installation, operations, and upkeep of equipment. It starts with the design or selection of a given object and then proceeds to its installation or construction, commissioning, operation, and upkeep. For example, an oil company is attempting to map out the costs of an offshore oil platform. They would use terotechnology to forecast the exact costs associated with assembly, transportation, maintenance, and dismantling of the platform and finally a calculation of salvage value. However, a company that does not use this kind of study may be worse off than one that approaches an asset's life cycle in a more ad hoc manner. These costs can include engineering, maintenance, wages payable to operate the equipment, operating costs, and even disposal costs. Decisions related to each of these costs are taken in consideration with the twin objectives of optimizing the equipment's operations and costs associated with it.



Terotechnology is the maintenance of assets in optimal manner. It is the combination of management, financial, engineering, and other practices applied to physical assets such as plant, machinery, equipment, buildings and structures in pursuit of economic life cycle costs. It is concerned with the reliability and maintainability of physical assets and also takes into account the processes of installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance, modification and replacement. Decisions are influenced by feedback on design, performance and costs information throughout the life cycle of a project.

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