Cantos de maldoror lautreamont

Although obscure at the time of its initial publication, Maldoror was rediscovered and championed by the Surrealist artists during the early twentieth century. Maldoror is a modular work primarily divided into six parts, or cantos ; these parts are further subdivided into a total of sixty chapters, or verses.

A genetic programming approach to record deduplication

Several systems that rely on consistent data to offer high-quality services, such as digital libraries and e-commerce brokers, may be affected by the existence of duplicates, quasi replicas, or near-duplicate entries in their repositories. Because of that, there have been significant investments from private and government organizations for developing methods for removing replicas from its data repositories.

Biopower and the avalanche of printed numbers

Department of Geography and Faculty of History. The statistical state: knowledge, numbers and population in Britain, c. This was a project of the Demography and epidemiology research theme, part of the Department of Geography's Cambridge Cultural and Historical Geography thematic research group.

Gimbutas kurgan

The Kurgan hypothesis also known as the Kurgan theory or Kurgan model or Steppe theory is the most widely accepted proposal to identify the Proto-Indo-European homeland from which the Indo-European languages spread out throughout Europe , Eurasia and parts of Asia. The Kurgan hypothesis was first formulated in the s by Marija Gimbutas , who used the term to group various cultures, including the Yamnaya , or Pit Grave, culture and its predecessors. David Anthony instead uses the core Yamnaya culture and its relationship with other cultures as a point of reference.