This is the official U. The R. The main focus of this web site, however, is to present Arolo Tifar to the energy medicine community in the United States. The words Arolo Tifar mean, one who has balanced the internal and the external. Strohm believes that both Reiki and Arolo Tifar have their origins as far back as Atlantis, where they represented two aspects of the same healing method.

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Tuesday, November 24, Williams Blvd. Arolo Tifar is an ancient Atlantean healing method that was rediscovered by Eckard Strohm and put back into practice in the early 's.

The intelligent energy of Reiki finds its way to the root of the malfunction and successfully treats it. It is not necessary for the therapist to know exactly what is being treated. In this sense, Reiki is passive since the therapist's main focus is to be a clear channel through which the energy of Reiki may be transmitted.

Arolo is the "active" part of Reiki. It is active because it requires the therapist's participation in discovering the root of the malfunction i. The Arolo analysis enables the therapist to determine where the root of the disorder or illness is located in the material, energetic, emotional, mental or spiritual field so it may be treated directly.

It will differentiate between the root cause and the symptoms. This is important because the symptoms are always visible and the root cause is generally not. It is very difficult to heal an illness by treating only the symptoms. The Arolo analysis and treatment combined heals the root of the malfunction, allowing the individual to more easily and consciously complete the specific apprenticeship at hand. The actual Arolo therapy utilizes one of the most elevated flows of divine energy that human beings are able to access.

Pamela Field: Pamela lived in Barcelona, Spain for the past ten years. During this time she traveled extensively throughout Spain as well as England, Germany and Switzerland leading Arolo Tifar, Angels of Atlantis and women's workshops.

She has assisted hundreds of individuals in private therapies to release dysfunctional patterns and restore balance to their lives. She is also a Reiki Master. She lived in Mexico for one year where she trained and worked as a healer. She then traveled to learn from different native cultures Lakota, Maya, Toltec and Maori. To learn more about Pamela and Arolo Tifar, vist arolotifar. Carol L. Charlie S. Judy F. Stephanie D. Steve in T.

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Arolo Tifar with Pamela Field!

Arolo Tifar is both a new and a very ancient healing technique. It is ancient because it originates from the civilization of Atlantis. It is new because it has only been rediscovered and put back into practice since the early s. Arolo Tifar is unique as a healing method because of its special energetic system of diagnosis, which enables the therapist to target with utmost accuracy the root of the malfunction and treat it. The Arolo diagnosis explores the five fields of the body material, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual with a series of digital codes.


Instructora de reiki, Atlantis Arolo Tifar y Angeles de Atlantis

This unique energy diagnosis method allows us to locate the origin of illnesses and identify karmic processes. From a medical point of view, this diagnostic system permits us to find out information about the state of a person in a matter of minutes, and without the necessity of laboratory tests or any technical help. In addition, thanks to its precision, we can offer the patient the most effective remedy for treatment and the correct dosage. In addition to many applications, this method helps to resolve karmic processes in the fastest and easiest way possible. Through this system, they will also be able to identify immediately if the problem is related to a karmic process.

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