From the front cover of the adventure: Your party is sent to investigate allegations of Netherese activity near the city of Arabel: A dark rider commanding legions of shadow. A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in Cormyr for characters levels Fantasy High Fantasy. Super Endless Quest Books. Class Based Pilot, Wizard, Scientist, etc. Dice Primarily d

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Are you confused and wondering what is going on here? Check out this YouTube video to get the scoop. Profile Send PM. Last edited by Sacromus; at PM.

Reason: Updating Applications section. His head is adorned with two small frills; one at each ear hole, a small horn on the tip of his nose, and Platinum colored eyes.

Sil'vax's personality is scarred at best. He uses a slow, thoughtful approach to all decisions made. Normally conferring with himself for minutes, hours, or days for long er -term consequences. For larger items that he does not feel he has the knowledge to make, he will confer with Bahamut or the Spirit Bahamut has lent him. Try as he might, all promises he makes are kept, and honor is always on his mind; whether his, or those that decide to follow him.

Born before the Spellplague in the Tymanther City of Messenprar; Sil'vax was always considered odd, even at birth. He looked more dragon-like than those around him and was shunned for it, for most of his childhood. Gali'vax; his father, afraid of the possible mistreatment of his one and only son feared for him and left Tymanther.

Feeling shunned and dishonored young Sil'vax felt more alone then ever as the differences between him and his so-called peers were made even more apparent as he traveled and eventually settled among the humans.

A day came years later when Sil'vax was more depressed then ever beside a lake after being picked on for his size and dragon-like qualities. This mistreatment had been getting worse ever since he arrived in Waterdhave and now it had turned into a gang of teens who wanted to see this dragonborn gone But one boy felt the dragonborn had been wronged, and deserved kindness, not hatred.

Everyone was taught to fear dragons, but this boy was the only one to ask why fear the dragonborn. This boy was the only one to wish to understand everything behind people and there differences. Believing Sil'vax was being unjustly hurt, young Allistair spoke out, and attempted to defend this lone outcast. They mob laughed and pushed him aside as they made their way towards the lake, Allistair ran around, taking shortcuts to get in front of the mob and warn Sil'vax.

Reaching Sil'vax just moments before the mob arrived, he told him of the tragedy and asked him to run, to get to safety. But Sil'vax was done. His father's dying words were of honor and justice At 16 Sil'vax and young Allistair stood before the crowd of teenagers.

They taunted both of them, jeered, and threw rocks and stones. Yet, inspired by Sil'vax's sudden strength, Allistair took the brunt with his new ally. Seeing the bruises forming and the held back pain of the kid next to him, Sil'vax grew angered. Hurting him for his differences was one thing; but hurting Allistair; one of your own kind, your own race, and your own clansman was something you just did no do!

Feeling his power rising, and his sight dimming Sil'vax called out in his native tongue, urging his voice louder and more powerful. Suddenly a spark jumped off the tip of his tongue, and lightning bellowed from his open mouth. Barely missing one of the mob leaders, a stunned silence fell over the crowd.

Reacting the crowd dispersed tripping over each other in utter chaos. Calming down, Sil'vax instantly felt ashamed.

Resorting to tactics that possibly hurt innocents, no matter how mean Yet, Allistair, was still beside him and looked upon the dragonborn in awe. Looking down at the human, Sil'vax tried his best common, "Arr Yu oh-kae? The boy understood though, and shook his head in a manner that made him seem stubbornly optimistic. After that day, they quickly became friends, they protected each other and Allistair even attempted to teach Sil'vax the Common language.

A year later Sil'vax noticed a mood in the city that was bordering on irrational fear of him and his "ability. Soon, a group known as the Platinum Cadre came through, due to Sil'vax's demonstration Sil'vax seeing his own kind greeted them, and warmed up immediately to them as he learned that they did not fear him or treat him differently for looking more dragon-like. In fact they prayed for him and idolized him, for their god Bahamut had blessed him with these qualities.

Interested in this idea, and this god Bahamut, Sil'vax expressed his wish to travel with them and join the ranks. Comforting a distraught Allistair, Sil'vax did as best he could to list off the reason why he could not stay. He told Allistair that they would meet again in the future, and would remember Allistair till the day he died.

This he gave a promise to. His last words, "You will be a fine father, and an accomplished person of great fame. You have the heart of a dragon and the will of a human Sil'vax left with the Platinum Cadre, not knowing what lied before him. The Spell plague hit, everything around him cascaded. Magics were disappearing, reappearing, and even worse Those lands he called home and traveled became desserts, or mountain ranges as everything was trading places with other landmarks. Even his home Messenprar was now under the sea, only the tops of the highest buildings could be seen.

Yet Sil'vax was experiencing another change entirely, he was gaining new, strange, dreams. They would tell him of events to come, but in most of the dreams a Platinum light was being drowned by a Shadow. The Shadows formed spires, and moats where a black fire consumed everything.

When he told his Platinum Cadre brethren of these dreams, he was considered a Lunatic. His exit from the Platinum Cadre was swift. He could not stand the glares, and shunned himself to the new wilderness where he wandered alone. As he did this though, his dreams grew stronger, more vivid. Also the further he drew from civilization, the more Platinum Light made it through the Shadows. And a sequence of pictured flowed through this light. Barely visible at first but the more he thought and the more he quieted his mind, soon two images emerged from the shadows.

A statue covered in vines, and a image of a man being killed while a woman laid dead on the ground next to him. Then on one fateful day with stomach bursting from hunger and throat parched from dehydration; he stumbled upon it.

A statue, covered in vines, muck, and debris from the lands merging. The shape of a dragon emerged as he cleaned and studied it. Not knowing what else to do, he prayed to the god: Bahamut. In response to his prayers; words were being uttered back to them, his mouth then spoke a cadence of an ancient language.

One that he, himself did not even understand or know of. A blinding light in front of him preceded the entrance of a platinum Spirit. This spirit looked upon Sil'vax and chose him, not in language or even words, but a mind interchange took place.

Courage filled Sil'vax, and a sense of destiny etched itself into his mind. He felt his role in the universe shift. For years he followed the spirit guide through lands unknown. All he knew was he was headed North West.

Soon, the second image began to grow clearer, the further North and West he went. After reaching the ocean, his visions turned him north, and agonizing sounds started coming through with the picture in his dreams.

A name was being called out, a name screamed with agony of a thousand needles down his spine. Sitting down and chatting with this now accomplished wizard, Sil'vax again spoke his best common, although still grumbled; but Sil'vax grew more serious and with a deep breath told Allistair of his vision.

Allistair instantly sobered and his famous smile turned into one of resolute despair. His wife hugged him and said that if this is destined, then it is destined and we can not change this. He was to take her away from the city and keep her undiscovered by him or his minion s should the vision come true.

Sil'vax reluctantly agreed wishing instead that his friend would need not die. He thought for a moment and got up to leave, but before he stepped off Sil'vax looked back and said, "You have become a fine father.

A person of honor, justice, and valor. Your heart has grown larger then a dragons, and a will that is more powerful then all of humanities. This is a potent combination, in which ALL should be afraid. Last edited by Killfast21; at PM. Reason: background: spin-in work in progress. Hefty and large with a jutting jaw, fanged overbite, and often blank expression, Horg would probably look more Orc than Human if he wasn't wearing a homespun belted tunic made from multiple pieces with food stains to boot , strained sandals, and tried to keep his hair shaved or at least under control.

Always on his person, if not outright holding, is a massive string of apple sized metallic engraved prayer beads. One can often find him staring unknowingly at the etchings, trying to figure out why they don't answer his questions.

Personality : Horg is friendly enough, though socially awkward and somewhat naive. He is a teenager after all. He likes to be liked and tries to be sociable.

But Horg often has troubling figuring out if people are laughing with him or at him.


corm1-1 the black knight of arabel

Lord Prio's Steward will know how to find us Please note that this is part 2 of the adventure that started last week. I'm signing up everyone who was there last week and opening a second table. Please join or unjoin as appropriate. Your party is sent to investigate allegations of Netherese activity near the city of Arabel: A dark rider commanding legions of shadow. LFR is a store-sanctioned campaign for players who would like to continue their story after encounters. To play this module, you must have an approved LFR character in the level 4 to 7 range with appropriate campaign documentation see Chuck for further details on character creation.


CORM1-1 The Black Knight of Arabel




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