The story also delineates the Filipino culture. Amusingly, it uncovers the social issues and realities specifically in the field of education and economy. The author wanted us to look into a bigger picture of what life truly is and be knowledgeable on what education truly is. The text was delivered in an informal and casual manner wherein Bob Ong just seems to be our friend, who is sharing his experiences, talking about his student life — in the most casual tone.

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It was Bob Ongs first book and his most popular work, and was published by Visual Print Enterprises written in Tagalog slang supposedly his childhood memories, from his earliest days as a learner until his first few years at work. Based from Wikipedia. Bob Ongs actual name is unknown. III: SUMMARY The book talks about his journey as a student and as a teacher, which was effective enough to persuade the nostalgia of grade school and high school, and even past college experiences especially because it was written in a personal point of view.

The story depicts the Filipino culture and, although in a humorous way, reveals the social realities and issues that remain present up until now namely education, economy, corruption up until personal struggles. The author also leaves audiences with advice regarding life and school in general.

Roberto Ong a simple schoolboy with a simple life, visions and hopes in life. His father is a seaman and her mother is a sewer. He is studying in a public school experiencing typical life. He showed us the games we used to play with his friends, Portia and Ulo. Portia is a simple girl turned into a tomboy because Roberto doesnt love her and Ulo, his cool friend. When they are in elementary, they used to play S. After he graduated, he enters high school life, O.

Oh wait Do you miss those old-fashioned uniforms? How about those funny haircuts and hairstyles? Cutting classes, watching movies on cinemas and being with your high school friends will be so much memorable. Crushes, Love. Struggles came to his life when he enters high school, rushed projects, doing assignments every morning and excuses on teachers when you feel lazy. Roberto also indicated the one of the most memorable event in our high school life, the JS Prom where he used to be with her special someone.

But now that he is already a college student, everything has changed. Constantly late, always absent, thats why he transferred into another school but he cant change himself. Still, he is indolent but then he proceeds and now graduated as a teacher. He found out that being teacher is not that easy and stress-free, you need to learn more than what you teach.

Roberto also tackled that Favoritism is unavoidable these days because in a class, theres always a smart and dumb learners. After three years, Roberto Ong got married, he gave up his work.

But then, he spun back to the past. He realized that learning and education is important. He was embarrassed when he saw his batch mates; they are in big businesses called Big Time but then he is just a teacher. Generally, he showed us how his schooling years went, and taught us about looking at a bigger picture than simply passing school. He educated his audience by showing them what education really is for not just to make money or get jobs but to build self-sufficient citizens, to make use of the intellect.

He firmly believed that character is more important than academic excellence. Life is more important than answering a test and it is agreeable that students and other professionals have become more judgmental about others by how they fair and how much they are paid. It is a mentality that is common in the Philippines.

It feels like politics, sometimes, like when the student leaders are given credit because of organizing events for a college, but never credited the students who tutored their classmates all those years at certain subjects.

The book did not fail to paint us a picture of current problems of the Filipino family. In the book, he had trouble communicating with his parents; basically because he believed he was a failure, due to his performance in school. Hes embarrassed because his family didnt know what he really did, keeping his failures a secret.

This is not surprising due to the fact that it does happen in almost every household in the family, probably not just because of failures in class, but also other shortcomings, which affect the person negatively. A k o is really an abundant book, as I said earlier it did not fail to talk to us about the current problems of the Filipino people and family. The book is right! Schooling shelters us from the real world. It closes our minds indirectly. It helps us to gain knowledge, but it makes the scope a whole lot smaller just academics- and experience would still be the best teacher.

Why I like this book? Because the author tackles about the corruption in the Philippines. May tatlong uri ng mamamayan: ang mahihirap, ang mas mahihirap, at ang mga makapangyarihang oportunista na may likha sa dalawa. Educated people do not always help the economy and lifestyles of the Filipino to improve. They can sometimes take advantage of the people who did not have much academic skill.

It did not matter to him whether anyone had gained a high level of education, it mattered how much one has contributed to society, and used it for more than personal gain. Learn more about Scribd Membership Home. Much more than documents. Discover everything Scribd has to offer, including books and audiobooks from major publishers. Start Free Trial Cancel anytime. Uploaded by Itchan Flores. Date uploaded Dec 28, Did you find this document useful?

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ABNKKBSNPLAKo?! (Mga Kwentong Chalk ni Bob Ong)

But there was something about that little green book that touched readers. Last year, Visprint Inc. We know you were writing under a pseudonym—is there a part of you that wishes you could have used your real name, or do you enjoy the anonymity? As for signing books, who likes that?! Yes for the second question. Oftentimes the case in bookstores.


Bob Ong’s ‘ABNKKBSNPLAko?!’ is now a movie

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Nostalgia in film version of Bob Ong's 'ABNKKBSNPLAko?!'

The book was a surprise hit in , quickly selling out its first run of copies. One might even call them urban culture lore It is directed by Mark Meily , [6] [7] and the script was written by Ned Trespeces. A board game based on the book was published. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Sunday Inquirer Magazine.



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