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Select All Expand All. Collapse All. Citation Export Print. Javascript must be enabled for narrowing. Results 1 - 1 of 1. Search took: 0. A sensitive current integrator. Golovnya, V. Nuclear Electronics III. Proceedings of the Conference on Nuclear Electronics.

Abstract Abstract. For this purpose we developed equipment based on the discharge of a capacitor by the current that is being measured; the capacitor is charged by a multi-vibrator forming part of the circuit. The sensitive element of the circuit is a 6J1J-type tube operated as an electrometer.

If the operating range of the measuring tube is especially selected, the leakage current can be compensated by thermal electrons. Integrateur de courant a grande sensibilite; Chuvstvitel'nyj integrator toka; Integrador sensitivo de corriente. Country of publication. Descriptors DEI. Descriptors DEC. Publication Year Publication Year. Language Language. Reference Number Reference Number. Related Record Related Record. Choose fields to export. Select All. Close Proceed. Export to Mendeley.

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Cours : Multivibrateur astable

Astable or free-running multivibrators have been used in home-built amateur radio equipment for many years. The basic circuit is a two stage amplifier with AC-coupled feedback from output to input. One transistor stage is on conducting current while the other is off not conducting current until the stages switch conducting states repeatedly at a specific frequency. The oscillation frequency is set by the resistor and capacitor values connected to the base terminal of each stage. This RC network determines how long the transistor stays in the off position. Presented are two projects which utilize astable multivibrators built using the ubiquitous 2N BJT. The first project is a code practice audio-frequency oscillator while the second is a simple , no-frills electronic keyer for keying a transmitter.


Meaning of "multivibrateur" in the French dictionary

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