The sheet contains information that is frequently or quickly needed, when there is no time to refer to a book, computer, smart phone or tablet. Information is obtained using the latest research articles and textbooks see bibliography and contains important, newly released medications along with commonly used classics. Tables are unique and have evolved over the years using input from anesthesia staff, residents, drug companies and ACCRS customers. It is an excellent study guide and review. Drug names are color coded and conform to color labeling standards.

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I take all requests for changes and corrections seriously and integrate them in a timely fashion. December 15, v January 23, v It is a Neurokinin1 antagonist used as an antiemetic in chemothearpy that was approved for prevention of postoperative nausea and vomiting PONV in adults. Despite it being an oral medication, it is very effective at controling PONV in combination thearpy and is becoming more popular clinically.

January 1, v No new drugs to add. January 28, v If all goes well, it will be a revolutionary new drug! The ASA did not come out and recommend light meals. See ASA Report for more information. December 30, v I left vasopressin dosing on the sheet although it is no longer included. Will remove at a later date. December 24, v December 8, v Now they look more like the colors prior to sheet rewrite in November 8, v Rounded corners on all corners now.

December 12, v Sheet was imported into a new program so that it can be edited on current computers. Many small formatting changes to increase readability, especially in the formulas area. October 10, v Began rewrite of sheet for June 12, v Previously there were two 12 mg doses after the 6 mg dose. January 17, v I used information from a guest lecture Dr. Joe Answine from the Eisai company and recent studies for information about unadvertised doses for induction and infusions.

I'm going to try to stay ahead this year and get orders out once a week. December 26, v Very difficult dose to find and infrequently used for infusions, but my prior reference Omoigui was obviously incorrect.

The extra zero at the beginning is no longer necessary. June 27, v Bradycardia dose is 0. Minimal formatting changes to main title of sheet slowly working to add more space to add a new drug. Prior order page available for greater quantity discounts. March 11, v January 4, v Unfortunately it does not provide the same flexibility with mixed orders or high quantity greater than 15 orders than the old process but it will work for the majority of customers and simplifies things.

For now it is available as an option. August 08, v New Mini sheet printing process and printer. Trimming cuts are more accurate, colors better, text sharper. January 01, v I'm using a new Ricoh Color Laser Printer for the standard size sheet which gives the best results yet.

Mini sheet is again available for purchase. Doses did not change but fine tuned drug administration and formating. For epinepherine I removed the note about increasing the 2nd dose since it is no longer recommended. September 15, - The Mini half size sheet is no longer available due to ordering and production complexities.

Mini sheets were often shipped much later than regular sheets. Both the ordering and production process for mini sheets need to be streamlined and improved before it is reintroduced. I'm very sorry about this and I will work hard to get the Mini sheet back, hopefully by mid April 07, v Loading dose remains correct. Thank you Thomas Burnakis, Pharm. March 19, v January 12, v The price had been the same for over 6 years so an increase was due.

Despite higher beginning price, you will get deeper percent discounts for higher quantities. The increased price also helped me justify still producing the mini sheet for now. August 22, v Although it is not an induction agent it can be used as a primary anesthetic for balanced anesthesia along with sedation and analgesia.

Morphine remains in the Pediatric and Adult Preoperative Meds. It was removed from ACLS protocol in Only the algorithms changed, specifically timing of CPR and defibrillation. All business transactions will go through this corporation. May 1, v Version of sheet can be found on the back page, copyright info at the bottom. May 20, v January 6 , v Text appears sharper and the difference is even more noticible on the Mini sheet. As a side note printing is faster and more accurate so orders will be filled faster.

March 2, v Updated other Partition Coefficients using new references. Discontinued the Bill Me option for ordering from my website. This will greatly increase the speed in which orders are filled.

December 15 , v It was taken off the market by Merck and is no longer available. September 4 , v July 20 , v Removed sentence about mixing dantrolene with water. The info by fax is no longer available and was replaced by the website.

December 23 , v To increase clarity and minimize errors, instituted new numbering and unit changes as recommended to improve prescription writing. Zeros are added in front of all decimal points and no trailing zeros are added after decimal points i.

August 17 , v My prior reference was Barash's Clinical Anesthesia 2nd ed and it was incorrect in that text! Thanks to Dr. Richard H. Savel for pointing this out. June 17 , - Pricing and ordering changes instituted.

Price increased to better reflect the amount of work necessary to process orders along with increased materials and shipping costs. PayPal transactions simplified with the addition of a "Shopping Cart".

Even more important is that my website now calculates the correct amount to charge given the quantity ordered. You must have javascript enabled for this to work. May 20 , v This is after the dose was questioned and I did some research. I also added a visual aid to all doses and durations of local anesthetics using epinephrine by making the number purple to reflect the epinephrine.


Drug set up, Autonomics Recall, and Drug Reference Sheet



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Anesthesia & Critical Care Reference Sheet




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