Barbados — — Reglamento, Decreto, Orden, Ordenanza.. Contains a Schedule setting out provisions dereto the Convention. Adjustments of the directory of respondents. Establishes a National Training Fund and sets out regulations concerning disbursements from the fund, accounts and audits. Sets time limits on claims for rebates. Part One sets out the provisions on insurance claims.

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Bangladesh - - Ley. Fatal Accidents Act, No. Provides for suits for compensation to families for loss occasioned by the death of a person due to negligence or a wrongful act. Public Servants Inquiries Act, No. Barbados - - Ley. Constitution Amendment Act, Repeal and replacement of section 15 of the Constitution Repeal and replacement of section 26 of the Constitution Repeal and replacement of section 78 of the Constitution.

Constitution Amendment No. Holidays with Pay Act, Repeals and replaces the Holidays with Pay Act Cap. Trafficking in Persons Prevention Act, The Act broadens the scope of the offences by creating an offence where trafficking in persons takes place within the country and creates a special offence with heavier penalties in relation to the trafficking of children.

Shops Act, Repeals and replaces the Shops Act, Cap. Makes provision for the opening and closing hours of shops, as well as the employment conditions and health and safety of those working in shops.

Anti-Terrorism Amendment Act Severance Payments Amendment Act, Health Services Amendment Act, Education Amendment Act, Immigration Amendment Act, Barbados - - Reglamento, Decreto, Orden, Ordenanza.

Employment Rights Act, This Order imposes a levy on sugar manufactured in Barbados in accordance with section 26 1 of the Sugar Industry Act. Co-operative Societies Regulations, S. These Regulations implement provisions of the Co-operative Societies Act with respect to, among other things: forms, fees, shares, bonds, auditor's reports, the Board of Directors of cooperative societies, loans and other financial matters. Catastrophe Fund Act, Workplace Drinking Water Regulations, Regulates the supply of drinking water in workplaces implementing section 57 of the Safety and Health at Work Act Workplace General Duties Regulations, The Regulations provide that it "shall be the duty of every employer to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the safety, health and welfare at work of all persons employed by him in any workplace".

Also sets out the duties and responsibilities of suppliers, manufacturers and workers with respect to health and safety. Sets out the measures that need to be taken to ensure that the workplace is safe.

Workplace Personal Protective Equipment Regulations Regulates the provision of personal protective equipment as well as training and instructions as to its use and obligations concerning its maintenance.

Workplace Sanitary Conveniences Regulations, Provides in the Schedule to the Regulations the sanitary conveniences required to be provided under section 65 of the Act. Workplace Washing Facilities Regulations, Regulates the provision of sanitary facilities including when using hazardous substances. Workplace Noise Regulations Contains regulations providing workplaces and workers with protection against noise. Safety and Health at Work Act Caribbean Court of Justice Act, Cap.

Provides for establishment of Caribbean Court of Justice. Divided into 4 parts. Part 1 contains general provisions. Part 2 regulates jurisdiction of Court. Part 3 deals with appeals, and Part 4 contains financial and administrative provisions.

Amends Constitution of Barbados. Inter alia provides for establishment, composition and jurisdiction of Caribbean Court of Justice. Caribbean Community Act, Cap. Divided into 2 parts. Part 1 contains preliminary provisions. Part 2 provides for "CARICOM Single Market and Economy" and "Community origin", goods of community origin, exemption from duty where drawback is allowable, common external tariff, verification of origin of exported goods, and penalties for false documents of origin of goods exported.

Occupational Pension Benefits Cap. Provides for the establishment, management and regulation of Occupational Pension Plans. Substitues words "65 years of age" with "pensionable age".

Also makes provision for rates of insurance contributions. Sets "voluntary pensionable age" under Section 2 of Act at 64 years from 1 January Amends National Insurance and Social Security Act with regard to "pensionable age" and "voluntary pensionable age".

Also provides for establishment of National Insurance Board. Mutual Funds Act, No. Provides for regulation, authorisation and control of mutual funds and their managers. Divided into 6 parts. Part 1 deals with licensing and Part 2 with administration of mutual fund. Part 3 regulates appointment and role of agents. Part 4 provides for supervision and enforcement, and Part 5 for powers of the securities commission.

Part 6 contains miscellaneous provisions. Repeals Mutual Funds Act Consumer Guarantees Act, No. Provides for guarantees for consumers regarding supply of goods and services as well as rights of redress against suppliers and manufacturers in respect of failure to comply with such guarantees.

Divided into 8 parts. Part 2 provides for guarantees in respect of goods, Part 3 for redress against suppliers in respect of goods, Part 4 for redress against manufacturers in respect of goods, Part 5 for guarantees in respect of services, and Part 6 for redress against supplier in respect of services.

Part 7 deals with resolution of disputes, and Part 8 contains miscellaneous provisions. Consumer Protection Act, No. Deals with various aspects of consumer protection. Divided into 10 parts. Part 2 provides for unfair contract terms, Part 3 for unfair trade practices, Part 4 for control of distance selling, and Part 5 for product liability. Part 6 makes provision for consumer safety, Part 7 for recall of goods, Part 8 for industry codes, and Part 9 for administration and enforcement.

Finally, Part 10 contains miscellaneous provisions. Fair Competition Act, No. Seeks to promote, maintain and encourage competition. Prohibits prevention, restriction or distortion of competition and abuse of dominant positions in trade in Barbados and within Caricom Single Market and Economy. Also aims at ensuring that all enterprises, irrespective of size, have opportunity to participate equitably in market.

Part 2 establishes Fair Trading Commission. Part 3 provides for anti-competitive agreements, abuse of dominant position, merger and interlocking directorships. Part 4 deals with resale price maintenance. Part 5 regulates authorisations. Part 6 provides for anti-competitive business conduct. Part 7 deals with enforcement and appeals, Part 8 with offences, Part 9 with Community Competition Commission, and Part 10 contains miscellaneous provisions. Constitution Amendment Act, No. Amends Sections 15, 23 and 78 of Constitution.

Establishes that imposition of mandatory sentence of death or execution thereof shall not be inconsistent with Section 15 of Constitution. Also provides for transfer between Barbados and other countries of persons detained in prisons, hospitals or other institutions by virtue of orders made in the course of the exercise by courts or tribunals of their jurisdiction. Tourism Development Act Cap. This Act concerns the approval of tourism projects and products and the provision of incentives for sustainable tourism development and related matters.

The Minister may require an environmental impact assessment to be carried out for the project to be approved. In order to be financed, projects shall meet environmental standards defined by the Minister of Environment. Anti-Terrorism Act Cap. Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act Cap.

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Bangladesh - - Ley. Fatal Accidents Act, No. Provides for suits for compensation to families for loss occasioned by the death of a person due to negligence or a wrongful act. Public Servants Inquiries Act, No. Barbados - - Ley.


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