La carretera al infierno es amplia y la puerta es ancha para los muchos que escogen ese camino. Isa Venid, comprad sin dinero y sin precio, vino y leche. Jer Pero estrecha es la puerta, y angosto el camino que conduce a la vida, y son pocos los que la encuentran. Mat

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APK Downloader Apps cats. Marriage and Divorce 3. Carlos Fonseca. This application was written with the purpose of trying to show thereader what God says and thinks about marriage and divorce. Thefirst reason, and the most important, is that there are too manybooks on the subject that do not go deep enough about the spiritualaspect of marriage, and its wonderful representation of Christ andthe Church.

Some books touch on the subject and use the Bible butavoid deepening and showing the responsibilities of man as therepresentative of Christ, and the responsibilities of women asrepresentatives of the Church.

I want to do this and open my eyesto what marriage is spiritually as it was established. My wish isthat this book will help marriages in their marriage relationship,when they realize what it represents and how they should treat eachother. Secondly, this book was made by the immense ignorance andmisconception of most believers also those of the world aboutmarriage and how that marriage should work according to God. Toomany people have forgotten that marriage was established by GodHimself, and was established not only for humanity to "fructify andmultiply and fill the earth" Genesis , but also to morallymaintain society and for homes to stay together for the sake of thechildren.

In addition, it was established so that each spouse wouldlove and comfort the other, and in doing so, meet the needs oftheir partner and oneself.

Finally, this application was designedbecause the author has seen many divorces between Believers. Toomany people, nowadays, do not see marriage as if it were for life. They believe that if it does not work they can start again withanother person. These things should not be like this! Marriageshould be something taught by parents to their children assomething that is good, healthy, and morally correct. And it shouldalways be like the vote says, "Till death do you part.

And I hope that the texts presented will teachthose who are truly seeking to honor God who established marriage. So let's begin our walk through the Bible and study the wonderfulinstitution of God, called Marriage. Show More Google Play Link. Carlos Fonseca Show More Plantas y Hierbas medicinales 3. La naturaleza es una fuente inagotable de vida y de salud. Es evidente que se trata dela ignorancia.

Lea,alimente y descubra sus dones que Dios se los a otorgado. Wepresent to you this wonderful book that has blessed thousands ofpeople for free, since to each God gives the manifestation of theSpirit for the common good; that is, for the benefit of all, forthe blessing of the whole body. God does not give the manifestationto a denomination, nor to a particular congregation. The feeling ofGod is that all receive blessing and there is perfect unity in thebody, which is the Church.

However, there are those who maintainthat the gifts of the Holy Spirit are only from the apostolic age. What happens is that what God does in the midst of his people todayis often overlooked through the active and dynamic participation ofthe Holy Spirit. So, what is the biggest problem we face? It isevident that it is about ignorance. A large number of Christiansare believers of many years and do not even know what their giftis.

They do not know that we are instruments in the hands of Godand that He has enabled us to carry out His purposes. Therefore,this book shows us that we must pray and fast so that the greatblessing of the gifts of the Spirit may be manifested in all thechurches. Read, nourish and discover your gifts that God has giventhem. The Prophet Elijah is a message that hewill receive through this book, it is based mainly on the faith andobedience of a man who consecrated his life to the service of God.

Elijah, believing deeply that God would support him, to make theexisting idolaters ashamed, at that time God always has the purposeand the desire for man to come to the knowledge of the truth. Godis not God of circumstances, but of order and purpose. It is ourresponsibility to remain faithful to Him at all times, because Hedoes not fail. Download and install this precious teaching for freethat will surely bless your life, family, ministry, etc.

Do notforget to leave us your rating. You can also download moreapplications that we present in this platform according to yourneeds God bless you. Enfatiza que el intercesor debe creer a la Palabra de Dios,no importando lo que vea. MiraclesGod can do when the righteous cry and God answers, the effectiveprayer of the righteous can do much James So it happenedwith a lady who prayed in Lima Peru in a campaign of Yiye Avila,and God healed her flat feet, putting curvature at her feet This book has profoundly revolutionized the lives of thousands andthousands of believers, who have been able to immerse themselvesevery day in a cry to God, using the biblical principles written inthis wonderful book.

When reading this book, not only many chainsare broken, but the dedication to prayer has become very common inmy life and many miracles and portentous events have occurred as aresult of prayer.

I have learned that the Christian should not livewithout prayer to God and that it should become like breathing inthe life of believers who seek God in Spirit and in Truth. It wouldbe a failure without a life of prayer! I encourage you and I urgeeveryone to seek God's direction through prayer; since a biblicalprinciple is that we must speak with God, and God will also speakto us to do His Will.

I became a constant person in prayer, andalthough it is a real effort, it is the noblest object in the lifeof a believer. In the book "The Science of Prayer", you will obtainapart from the knowledge and experiences that the author has hadthrough prayer, a fresh and new word from God for his blessing,that of his family and that of all those around him.

So I can sayas our brother Yiye Avila that the great heroes of the faith weremen of prayer. In prayer to God, we must know and be aware that weapproach the Creator of our lives, and that nothing is impossiblefor Him. When we know that God is present, our prayer becomes morevital and powerful, and the miracles for your life become manifest! You will learn how to pray in the spirit effectively and pray forvictory in Christ Jesus.

If we ask according to the Will of God, hewill hear us and answer the requests of our heart. It also teachesus how through fasting in prayer we can leave the natural and enterthe sphere of the spiritual.

It conveys to us that living withoutprayer is living without God; The Christian must pray to demandfrom God the manifestations of the gifts of the Holy Spirit in hislife. Emphasize that the intercessor must believe the Word of God,no matter what he sees. Prayer is the secret of true success in thelife of man. But it also warns us not to pray for something that isoutside of God's Will as it happened to Elijah I Kings 4.

Sotoday we have this wonderful book in a totally free application foryour phone, you can download and install it and even share withyour loved ones feeding your Spiritual life, do not forget to leavea good comment and qualify, reminding you that you can review moreApps that we have created to bless many lives amen.

The purpose of this book is to present acomprehensive study of the evidence that. Through reading we can look in themirror of the Word the events that happen every day in this world,to reach the conclusion that we live in the days when from onemoment to another, we will see the Son of Man descend in the cloudsof heaven. This is the reason why the human being should prepare infasting and prayer, for this we leave you this wonderful book todayturned into an application where you can download and install freeto enjoy this beautiful Ministry; It is recommended to read eachchapter for each day in a single sitting as you can finish readingit in just one full week and make the most of the knowledge givenhere, we recommend other books by the same author or other studiesthat insurance will bless your life or ministry, leave us your goodopinion God bless you.

Dios lo bendiga. Observaremos una variedad de las motivacionesque Dios nos ha dado en su Palabra para las misiones. Confiamos en que este estudio le ayude a buscar la voluntad de Diospara su vida, y que a la vez fortalezca su apoyo a otros, quienesactualmente buscan la voluntad de Dios para su futuro. We are gladthat you are willing to investigate God's passion for this world. We will observe a variety of motivations that God has given us inhis Word for missions.

To perform any challenge worthwhile isessential to have a clear motivation. It is necessary to understandthe answer to "why" for put us where God wants us to be. This studyalso addresses some of the prejudices we all have when we begin toconsider the missions. We invite you to invest time in prayer andto find the answers in the word of God, thinking well of them andtheir applications. You can use this study during your devotionaltime, listening to God at the beginning or end of each day.

We hopethat this study will help you to seek God's will for your life, andat the same time strengthen your I support others who are currentlyseeking God's will for their future. If you want, you can use thisstudy for a small group, Sunday school, a seminar class or a classwith university students.

So you can install and recommend to allwe can please do not forget to place a good grade. Similar Apps Show More Powerful Bible Prayers 7. All human being pray regardless of their beliefs, men pray and havealways prayed. History records prayers long before the time ofMoses, and the Bible informs us that men shall pray to the end oftime, even if it be only to the rocks and mountains. An appeal toGod for help in time of crisis is right and proper. The Bible isfilled with examples of this kind of prayer.

However, we have tokeep in mind that this is not to be the prevalent form of prayer,nor is it of the highest kind. Prayer should not be dependent on acrisis. Download this app and select the prayer for the situation andthank god for everything he has done for us. Please do rate theapplication and leave your valuable comments, let more people knowabout the Lord Jesus Christ. Latest Updates: 1, Daily bible verseand prayers added.

It was never been so easy, quick, enjoyable and practical to readand study the Holy Bible! This blessed app was created for you toread, study and worship God, anytime, anywhere! Transform your lifeand have on your Android the most read and sold book of all time! It only takes a few seconds. God bless you all! Attitude And Self Improvement Quotes 1. New attitude And self Improvement Quotes for everyone to refreshthe spirit and boost the emotional and mental level by changing theinner attitudes of minds and soul.


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