In diesem Beitrag erfahren Sie, wie das funktioniert. Kleingewerbetreibender sind Sie, wenn Ihr Jahresumsatz maximal Jeder Eintrag muss folgende Details enthalten:. Das Kassenbuch ist ein Nebenbuch der Buchhaltung. Manchmal sind diese sogar in einem Finanzbuchhaltungspaket enthalten. Diese Investition lohnt sich, denn seit 1.

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Started by Natalie , 2 Jan Posted 14 Jan Yes, attach the originals, but make a copy of all for yourself, to have something on hand until the Finanzamt returns the originals. If you have lost an original bill, you can write an Eigenbeleg to replace it see my post no. Posted 15 Jan First off, there is no limit for Werbungskosten. You can try to claim it like that, maybe they will let it through.

But you have to then have a "revelation" in the following year, suddenly realising that they are part of Werbungskosten Generally, Sonderausgaben are private expenses and Werbungskosten are job-related expenses, but both reduce the taxable income.

Yes "revelation" from the great PandaMunich. Wow, if all the costs related to master studies can be claimed and there are no limits one can save lot of money, particularly, in those courses which could cost thousands of euros. But can one claim all the costs of a master course or only that part for the year in which one has paid taxes?

For eg. A person worked for 9 months and then started his course in the 10th month. So only costs for the 3 months be claimed? You can only claim for costs incurred during a period in which you were resident to be more precise: taxable in Germany. So, as long as you are still legally resident in Germany, you can claim for Master study expenses incurred in that calendar year, even if you didn't work and pay income tax. However, if your visa is dependent on you working, then you will no longer be allowed to stay if you don't work, so you will only be allowed to claim for expenses up to the point you stop working.

If you don't have that problem, e. If you don't want that you have to put a 0 into line 93 of the Mantelbogen if you don't want any loss to be carried back or fill in there the exact amount that you want carried back, so that you still have some loss left for the future years. But again, you have to be resident in Germany to be allowed to submit a tax return. So it doesn't have to be a German university, but you have to be resident in Germany at that time, which means it would only work if it was a distance learning university.

Posted 19 Jan Take the long Mantelbogen form ESt1A. An Anleitung is a manual in German describing how to fill in a tax form, i. So, unless you know German, forget about the Anleitung, since you will be following the guide in English set down in the TT Elster wiki.

I gave you the link to the Mantelbogen you need to fill in in my previous answer, see the quote above. I have filled up my form according to Wiki for tax reclaim. I need to show expense of Euro. I traveled to India from 15 December to 15 Jan , for my home visit.

I have ticket of cost Euro. Is it okay , if starting travel date was in ? I have traveled from my internship location to Stuttgart two times for study purpose.

It is approx. I do not have ticket of them. Generally, you are only allowed to claim for expenses in the year you actually paid for them. This would mean that your air ticket which was paid for in would have to be claimed in your tax return, but you can try to put it into the one, maybe they will let it through. The rest is ok as you plan to do it, just write an Eigenbeleg see post no.

Posted 21 Jan Panda, the meal costs for the 90 days that can be claimed according to post , from when should one start counting? In post you mention it should be as it happened, so presumably if I didn't claim any for I would not be able to claim all 90 in - as I started working on the 15th of October I should be able I claim about 15 for I think 14 but I need to count. I didn't claim any for the taxes of - I only worked here 2.

I was much more worried about the workarounds I needed to do to get the PT authorities to give me stamped form I needed to present here to get that married allowance, which was worth more than EUR! They focus on you as the one earning and paying taxes, so you can claim for your trips to Portugal.

But count them, it's 3 months actually, not 90 days I used 90 days in the example, because that's usually the minimum number of days in 3 consecutive months, we don't want to cheat the Finanzamt, do we , so you would have to count exactly how many days you spent in Germany between 1.

January and January That is then called "umgekehrte Familienheimfahrten", see here. Posted 23 Jan Yes, Kindergarten costs go into the Anlage Kind. There's a link to the instructions for filling in Anlage Kind at the bottom of the turquoise area of the TT Elster wiki. Posted 24 Jan My husband payed his own flight ticket when he came to Germany in August Me and my daughter remained in our home country for 2. So in October he bought a flight ticket: one way only for him to come home and for 2 adults for the return flight, because we joined him.

Attach rental contract and proofs of payment" - this refers to the rent he payed while me and my daughter were in our home country? Also, at reasons why we kept two houses: my daughter was a newborn only 1 week when my husband left to Germany and our doctor didn't gave us permission to travel with her.

How to I sum this reason? Do I need any proof? I am not an expert but based on previous replies there is a specific additional subsistence rate of X per day for those 3 months already discussed in several posts above which you can use for lines 74 to See post for example.

Line 73 I believe will usually apply not to your flat, but to his place in Germany until you arrived. I don't know if it is possible to do it the other way around.

Even if it is possible it should be less simple to get it accepted as presumably the rental contract from your original place is not in German - would it be to your advantage to claim for the original house anyway i.

Note the rule about the area, the double housing allowance only covers up to a number of square meters and the ratio is applied to the rent as discussed previously. From my own situation in the previous year, you do not need to justify at all why you maintained two houses - you just submit contract and proof of payment and that is it, so you won't need to explain it was due to your kid. Thanks for your reply. With the linie 73 I was referring to the rent my husband payed here in Germany while we were in our home country.

Sorry for the error. So, do I also need any proof from where I stayed during those 3 months? Or only the contract and proof of the expenses my husband had here in Germany during this 3 months? This is the first time we apply for a tax return, I promise next time I won't have so many questions.

I didn't have to show anything about my "main" house, just about the "second" house here in Germany. They assume that as my wife is living in Portugal, she has to be staying somewhere! While your case is slightly different I believe that just by having arrived later that may be sufficient as they assume you had to be staying elsewhere at your "main" house until then - that is my guess but maybe someone else can confirm.

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Filing a tax return - help on how to file Started by Natalie , 2 Jan Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Intending to come back afterwards doesn't count. I will show my tuition fee of Winter term Euro. I have bank transfer detail of this. I have paid Euro for summer term too. But i do not have proof. Anyway to include this? Thank you very much for earlier information.

Hi all. From the first day you moved to Germany. Didn't you claim it? Thanks again! Sorry, no. May I also add about the cost of kindergarten could also be filed? I tried to edit my previous post, but I can't says I dont have permission. Prev 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Next Page 15 of Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

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Filing a tax return - help on how to file



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