Therapy should preferentially target patients with active chronic hepatitis. However, long-term nucleoside analogue administrations are preferred to interferon-alpha in most cases, although they may induce viral resistance warranting replacement of the first analogue or switching for another one. For delta hepatitis virus HDV coinfection, solely interferon-alpha seems efficient although permanent relapses occur after discontinuation of therapy. Concerning HCV, combined therapy of pegylated interferon-apha plus ribavirin is recommended for a months treatment duration depending on the viral genotype. For nonresponder or relapser patients, no consensual approach has been recommended so far. Fortunately, new anti-HCV drugs are under evaluation and should substantially improve the outcome of HCV infection in the next few years.

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VIH, hépatites virales et comorbidités : épidémiologie clinique et santé publique – MORPH3Eus

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Hépatites virales






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