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Individual , social, and family factors associated with high school dropout among low- SES youth: Differential effects as a function of immigrant status. In most Western countries, the individual , social, and family characteristics associated with students' dropout in the general population are well documented. Yet, there is a lack of large-scale studies to establish whether these characteristics have the same influence for students with an immigrant background.

The first aim of this study was to assess the differences between first-, second-, and third-generation-plus students in terms of the individual , social, and family factors associated with school dropout. Next, we examined the differential associations between these individual , social, and family factors and high school dropout as a function of students' immigration status.

Participants were students Results of logistic regressions with multiple group latent class models showed that first- and second-generation students faced more economic adversity than third-generation-plus students and that they differed from each other and with their native peers in terms of individual , social, and family risk factors.

These results provide insights on immigrant and non-immigrant inner cities' students experiences related to school dropout. The implications of these findings are discussed. Background: In most Western countries, the individual , social, and family characteristics associated with students' dropout in the general population are well documented.

Aims: The first aim of…. Stress at work: Differential experiences of high versus low SES workers. This paper asks whether workers with higher socioeconomic status SES experience different levels of stress at work than workers with lower SES and, if so, what might explain these differences. We collected innovative assessments of immediate objective and subjective measures of stress at multiple time points across consecutive days from employed men and women. We find that in comparison to higher SES individuals , those with lower SES reported greater happiness at work, less self-reported stress, and less perceived stress; cortisol, a biological marker of stress, was unrelated to SES.

Worker's momentary perceptions of the workplace were predicted by SES , with higher SES individuals more commonly reporting feeling unable to meet work demands, fewer work resources, and less positive work appraisals. In turn, perceptions of the workplace had a generally consistent and robust effect on positive mood, subjective stress, and cortisol.

All rights reserved. The goal of this study was to investigate the relationship between an adolescent's socioeconomic status SES and selected variables of the sub-subsystems of the River City High School senior class social system during the academic year. Variables for study were selected from each of the three sub-subsystems of the senior class social…. Socioeconomic SES differences in language are evident in female infants at 7months of age. Language skills, strongly linked to academic success, are known to differ by socioeconomic status SES , with lower SES individuals performing less well than higher SES.

To examine the effect of SES on infant language at 7months of age and the relationship between maternal vocabulary skills and infant language function. To determine if the relationships between SES and infant language are mediated by maternal vocabulary skills. Maternal vocabulary did not mediate the relationship between SES and infant language skills at age 7months. In this single sex and race cohort of healthy, term, female infants, lower SES exerted negative effects on infant language by 7months of age.

While maternal vocabulary scores showed no relation with infant language skills at 7months, continued study of the relations between SES , infant outcomes and maternal characteristics is needed to determine how low SES conditions impact early language. These findings underscore the importance of early interventions, as well as policies designed to improve socioeconomic conditions for infants and families.

Differences in oral health behaviour between children from high and children from low SES schools in the Netherlands. Differences in oral health behaviour between children from high and children from low SES schools in The Netherlands. Jerkovic, K.

Objective To identify the determinants of dental caries in relation to socio-economic status SES within oral health, children's eating habits and parental attitudes towards oral health. Basic research design Dental screening data were collected from 6- and year old schoolchildren from low and. High combined individual and neighborhood socioeconomic status correlated with better survival of patients with lymphoma in post-rituximab era despite universal health coverage.

Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. After adjusting for patient characteristics, treatment modalities, and hospital characteristics, HL patients with high individual SES in advantaged neighborhoods showed a decreased risk of mortality HR 0. In the future, public health strategies and welfare policies must continue to focus on this vulnerable group. However, differences in these risks between African Americans and whites are unclear.

The exposure of individuals on board aircraft increased interest in individual dosimetry in high energy radiation fields. These fields, both in the case of cosmic rays as primary radiation and at high energy particle accelerators are complex, with a large diversity of particle types, their energies, and linear energy transfer LET.

Several already existing individual dosemeters have been tested in such fields. For the component with high LET mostly neutrons etched track detectors were tested with and without fissile radiators, nuclear emulsions, bubble detectors for both types available and an albedo dosemeter. Individual dosimetry for the low LET component has been performed with thermoluminescent detectors TLDs , photographic film dosemeters and two types of electronic individual dosemeters.

It was found that individual dosimetry for the low LET component was satisfactory with the dosemeters tested. As far as the high LET component is concerned, there are problems with both the sensitivity and the energy response. Infant SES as a predictor of personality. An additional aim was to investigate whether intelligence and education may mediate this association. A subsample of this cohort, comprising individuals Associations of SES with each of the four personality traits were analysed by bivariate and partial Preventing the link between SES and high -risk behaviors: "value-added" education, drug use and delinquency in high -risk, urban schools.

Value-added education was derived from standardized residuals of regression equations predicting school-level academic achievement and attendance from students' sociodemographic profiles and defined as having higher academic achievement and attendance than that expected given the sociodemographic profile of the schools' student composition. Multilevel logistic regression estimated the effects of value-added education on students' drug use and delinquency.

After considering initial risk behavior, value-added education was associated with lower incidence of alcohol, cigarette and marijuana use; stealing; and participating in a group-against-group fight. Significant beneficial effects of value-added education remained for cigarette and marijuana use, stealing and participating in a group-against-group fight after adjustment for individual - and school-level covariates.

Alcohol use past month and heavy episodic showed marginally significant trends in the hypothesized direction after these adjustments. Inner-city schools may break the links between social disadvantage, drug use and delinquency. Identifying the processes related to value-added education in order to improve school environments is warranted given the high costs associated with individual -level interventions.

High -intensity focused ultrasound HIFU in combination with palliative standard therapy is an innovative and effective treatment option for pain reduction in patients with inoperable pancreatic cancer. Evaluation of the effects of additive ultrasound US -guided HIFU treatment in inoperable pancreatic cancer on the sensory and affective pain perception using validated questionnaries.

Clinical assessment included evaluation of pain severity using validated questionnaires with particular attention to the pain sensation scale SES with its affective and sensory component and the numeric rating scale NRS. The average pain reduction after HIFU was 2.

No pain reduction was achieved in one patient. Furthermore, after HIFU emotional as well as sensory pain aspects were significantly reduced before vs. US-guided HIFU can be used for effective and early pain relief and reduction of emotional and sensory pain sensation in patients with locally advanced pancreatic cancer. Effect of cross-level interaction between individual and neighborhood socioeconomic status on adult mortality rates. We examined whether the influence of neighborhood-level socioeconomic status SES on mortality differed by individual -level SES.

We used a population-based, mortality follow-up study of women and men, who were predominately non-HIspanic White and aged years at baseline, from 82 neighborhoods in 4 California cities. Participants were surveyed between and , and were followed until December 31, deaths; mean follow-up time Neighborhood SES was defined by 5 census variables and was divided into 3 levels. Individual SES was defined by a composite of educational level and household income and was divided into tertiles.

Similar to women, rates among men of low SES were , , and in high -, moderate-, and low- SES neighborhoods, respectively. Differences were not explained by individual -level baseline risk factors. The disparities in mortality by neighborhood of residence among women and men of low SES demonstrate that they do not benefit from the higher quality of resources and knowledge generally associated with neighborhoods that have higher SES.

The effect of a kindergarten-based, family-involved intervention on objectively measured physical activity in Belgian preschool boys and girls of high and low SES : the ToyBox-study. The present study aimed to examine the effect of the ToyBox-intervention on increasing Belgian preschoolers' objectively measured PA levels.

A sample of preschoolers 4. Preschoolers wore an ActiGraph accelerometer for six consecutive days and were included in the data analyses if they had a minimum of two weekdays and one weekend day, both at baseline and follow-up one year later. Preschoolers' PA outcomes were estimated for an average day, weekday, weekend day, during school hours, and during after school hours.

To assess intervention effects, multilevel repeated measures analyses were conducted for the total sample, and for sub-groups according to sex, kindergarten levels of socio-economic status SES and risk groups low levels of PA at baseline of preschoolers. Small intervention effects were found in the total sample. Most intervention effects were found in boys and in preschoolers from high SES kindergartens. In preschoolers from high SES kindergartens, the largest effects were found for PA outcomes during school hours and during after school hours.

The results from the Belgian sample demonstrate that effects of the PA-component of the ToyBox-intervention on objectively measured PA were found in preschool boys and in preschoolers from high SES kindergartens, which means that the ToyBox-intervention was mainly effective in those sub. SES 2D user's manual. This manual discusses the capabilities of the code. It describes the prompts and commands and illustrates their use with a sample run. Development in reading and math in children from different SES backgrounds: the moderating role of child temperament.

Socioeconomic risks SES risks are robust risk factors influencing children's academic development. However, it is unclear whether the effects of SES on academic development operate universally in all children equally or whether they vary differentially in children with particular characteristics. The current study aimed to explore children's temperament as protective or risk factors that potentially moderate the associations between SES risks and academic development.

Specifically, latent growth modeling LGM was used in two longitudinal datasets with a total of children to examine how family SES risks and children's temperament interactively predicted the development of reading and math from middle childhood to early adolescence. Results showed that low negative affect, high effortful control, and low surgency mitigated the negative associations between SES risks and both reading and math development in this developmental period.

These findings underline the heterogeneous nature of the negative associations between SES risks and academic development and highlight the importance of the interplay between biological and social factors on individual differences in development. The effect of individual and neighborhood socioeconomic status on gastric cancer survival. The literature reports individual socioeconomic status SES or neighborhood SES as related to survival, but the effect of both has not been studied.

This study investigated the effect of individual and neighborhood SES simultaneously on mortality in gastric cancer patients in Taiwan. Each patient was followed for five years or until death.

Individual SES was defined by income-related insurance premium low, moderate, and high. Neighborhood SES was based on household income dichotomized into advantaged and disadvantaged areas.


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