Language: Spanish. Date Manuel Field. We know the importance than we are going to say to him. Consists to us that an affirmation of this nature, only usually formulates it a joker, a mental insane person with delirious ideas, some advertising journalist or whom it tries to operate the news in own benefit.

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Try to pronounce your sentences with a strong mental voice, as if you were communicating telepathically with the deceased person this is an image, we hope you will understand the meaning. Delaxon rated it liked it Sep 04, Are there forces unknown to current physical science? La lettre D63 dit: The second system does not employ any means of interconnection material. On the other hand the carrtas of the compilation Aguirre and the one of the report received by E.

The words that we wrote down to them in this report, are approximate graphical expressions of their real phon. So that it is impossible, even with careful transfering of axes, to identify a same star codified by us, with other catalogued by the Earth Astronomers. The informative capacity can rise considerably although in our case that capacity is reduced by the use of nonbinary digits allowing the emission of complex messages in a time very reduced Unfortunately this is not the ed of the optical channels reason why considered somewhat old fashioned system already, it is suppressed in certain AYUUBAA REDES.

Son analizados en cada instante: Mo n whose nuclei have the peculiarity that the configuration at any given time, their energy levels in the distribution of nucleons is concerned, is identical. First evidence of hydrothermal activity beyond planet Earth. Building therefore you behave intelligently, since the affirmations laas tests guarantee that them, lack value. Men are not superior to women.

We try, whenever appropriate and possible, to combine it with didactic illustrations. Cadtas ne peut aimer tout. Oaxiiboo 4 oaxiiboo6 le 5 Juillet Thank you wholeheartedly. This is logical if you consider who the laws Biogenetics prevail for all the Universe. Carl Sagan, in memoriam. Nuestros XAABI y salvo casos excepcionales, presentan la apariencia externa de grandes plantas talofitas conocidas en la Tierra con cartax nombre de hongos.

In image 6 can be oriented on the system we use in the homes to sit. Por zonas afectadas de distinta manera por esos gradientes. Your four brothers will continue to make peripheral adjustments but they have been strictly requested not to respond to new messages.

In these conditions, You like engineer, can imagine the level of the problem orders that consider in these systems. It might be including some deferent information from the posts in this blog because of deferent source http: The Scientists and cultural Organizations that have received our information, of all the Earth have been many. When we have contributed true revelations as in the case of the three-dimensional photography, without aid of average eyeglasses of vision, or interesting Developments mathematical, concerning for example the technique of Graphs or Networks, they have been attributed by the receivers, as the work of some eccentric or joking scientist.

And this alien, who has the appearance of Scandinavian, began contact with the Spanish, Sesma, sending the letters, which written about physics, astronomy, chemistry, sociology, biology and so on. Note 3 to the report screen Villagrasa. Do we know extraterrestrial languages? Thank you for your many warm emails and your financial support by purchasing our productions.

The game setting is immense energies for this type of transmitters. Additionally, the problem is simple to solve if you have in mind kmmo population growth Ummo every twelve years equivalent to 2. As a long-winded and overly technical descriptions, risks of not being understood but by a small number of specialists, we prefer to give this report, ,as.

The potential function is not then constant for areas of the same curvature or warping, to sum up is not harmonic in the periphery of the Ship. These metals of low melting point are used interchangeably in cooling functions, in case they fail some thermal protection systems. Thanks to the indirect effect of electroluminescence, to make appear in any superficial zone of the Ship, visible drawings, symbols or graphisms at a distance modifying its morphology voluntarily with the same facility of a terrestrial slate writing.

Curiosity might be an Opportunity to awaken your Spirit. Some of your brothers systematically choose the archetypal image of Christ Jesus with whom they had no interaction during their lifetime.

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However we can highlight the basic differences between equipment used by you and those of Ummo. First, you discriminate between digital computers and analog computers. The data processors, store information coded in binary numbering system, and sequences in the form of words or characters that are reduced to "bits". The arithmetic unit structure is designed so as to reduce complexity of the circuits. LAND analog computers in a series of interconnected modules conveniently, and with special circuits integrators, differentiators Our XANMOO BAA from the functional point of view are both digital and analog arises when such a problem in analytic geometry, the XAN ELOO might translate to bodies or units of output not only provide quantitative results discontinuous digital providing such in ENMOO EE area units the area of a hyperboloid of revolution, but will get a graph of your equation and three-dimensional display of your image analog operation.

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