Here is an example of a completed floor plan. Click Floor Plan , and then click Create. From the Walls, Shell and Structure stencil, drag one of the room shapes onto the drawing page. Resize the room shape by dragging the control and selection handles on individual walls. From the Walls, Shell and Structure stencil, drag Exterior wall shapes onto the drawing page. The endpoints are highlighted when the walls are glued.

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Niet bekend met Office en wil je er snel en op de juiste manier mee aan de slag? Microsoft heeft voor alle Office produkten gratis handleidingen. In Windows 8 kunt u deze handleidingen openen en bekijken in de Windows 8 Reader-app zonder extra stappen uit te voeren.

In oudere versies van Windows moet u de gratis Adobe Reader installeren om deze handleidingen te openen en te bekijken. Handleiding Snel aan de slag voor Access Handleiding Snel aan de slag voor Outlook Handleiding Snel aan de slag voor PowerPoint Handleiding Snel aan de slag voor Project Handleiding Snel aan de slag voor Publisher Handleiding Snel aan de slag voor Visio Handleiding Snel aan de slag voor Word Bron : Microsoft.

Zo ook Microsoft software. Sinds eind januari is de nieuwste Office versie, Office op de markt en sinds deze week kan dit ook in de nieuwe Office Home Premium versie worden besteld. Het komt er op neer dat je voor het gebruik van Office een jaarabonnement afsluit.

Via Slim. Leuke Videos van het Microsoft Office team die de kracht van het Microsoft platform goed laten zien.. Wat als ze een eeuw eerder beschikbaar waren.. So what does this mean for the 15 new countries?

It means that, starting today, people in these countries can use the Web Apps to view, edit, and share Office documents from anywhere with a browser and an internet connection. This includes viewing, editing, and sharing Office document attachments in Hotmail. Bron : Office Web Apps Blog. With Office , Microsoft has taken an important and inevitable step into internet-stored media. In addition to releasing its new native Office suite, which gives you the option to save your files on the Intertubes, Microsoft has rolled out free, lightweight web versions of Office apps accessible through Windows Live.

The verdict? Continue at source: Wired Magazine. The gradual transition to Gmail would have been ongoing through the year and completed by next spring.

According to the Yale Daily News , the original decision to switch over to Gmail was met with concerns and reservations from the faculty and administration. Several felt the decision had been made too hastily and without proper University approval. Source : Mashable. The University of California, Davis has stopped using Gmail for its 30,member staff and faculty body.

The university was trying Gmail for faculty and staff with plans to roll out service to the entire campus. University of Massachusetts also is discontinuing because the Google Apps service of :fered at the beginning of the school year has failed to catch on with students.

University of Massachusetts officials sent a campus-wide e-mail in early April announcing undergraduate students can no longer sign up for Google Apps and that the service will eventually be phased out completely — an exceedingly rare and potentially unprecedented move, according to Google.

The reason for discontinuing Google Apps, according to OIT, is the low adoption and usage rates among undergraduate students since the service was introduced in September Source : Dailycollegian. However, like the rest of the company, the division has not been immune to the pressure of the recession, and revenue fell 13 percent in the quarter ending in June. These include not only the economy but also competition in the productivity and collaboration software market from Web-based applications from Google and others.

To answer this challenge, Microsoft is set to offer Web-based versions of its Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote software as part of the Office launch early next year. Yes, Office Web Applications will become available too, starting next month!

So why will you want to replace your Office installation with the latest version? Office Web Applications 2. Collaboration Features 3.

Instant Sharing with PowerPoint 4. Excel Sparklines and Slicers 6. Outlook — More Social, Smarter, and Efficient 8. Paste Preview Handleiding Snel aan de slag voor Excel Handleiding Snel aan de slag voor OneNote


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